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MONDAY 15 JUNE 2009 CAITHNESS HORIZONS, THURSO 7.30am - 9.30am Presentation by Andy Kennedy Stirling City Centre Manager & Chair of Scotland's Association of Town Centre Management ATCM is Europe`s largest membership organisation dedicated to helping town and city centres realise their natural roles both as prosperous locations for business and investment, and as focal points for vibrant, inclusive communities.   Come along & hear how other town centres in Scotland have realised their potential.  
Eight-ton Fans Will Drive Fuel Plants Clean-upThumbnail for article : Eight-ton Fans Will Drive Fuel Plants Clean-up
Like a giant Meccano set, some 1500 parts are being fitted together to create a new ventilation system that will protect workers decommissioning some of Dounreay's most hazardous facilities.   The network of fans, electrical infrastructure, supports, ducts, chambers and stacks will vent the airflow during the next stages of cleaning out and dismantling the key plants that made up the Fuel Cycle Area.  
Dounreay Gains Planning Permission For Two Big Construction ProjectsThumbnail for article : Dounreay Gains Planning Permission For Two Big Construction Projects
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has received planning consent for two of the biggest construction projects needed to complete the site clean-up.   The new facilities will look after low and intermediate-level radioactive waste from the remainder of the site closure programme.  
Banks Agree To Help Caithness Companies With New Government Initiaitives
Highland based banks agree to help Caithness companies benefit from new Government funding initiatives Representatives from the main Banks operating in the Caithness area have agreed to share their understanding of the new government initiatives with local businesses at a specially convened event at the Weigh Inn Hotel, Thurso on 8th May from 1pm.   Businesses have been suffering from the effects of recession and the 'credit crunch' making life more difficult for those seeking to grow or simply survive.  
Caithness Chamber Of Commerce Means Business
Networking Lunches - Open To Members and Non-Members Small Business Finance Seminar Led By John Thurso MP Friday 8th May - The Weigh Inn, Thurso at 1pm - buffet lunch included The Chamber is hosting a Small Business Finance Seminar led by John Thurso MP.  The event will give businesses vital information on what is available and where to source it.  
Orbital Welder For Dounreay Tested In New Facility At BowerThumbnail for article : Orbital Welder For Dounreay Tested In New Facility At Bower
Dropping a large three metre stainless steel container from a great height might seem like a bizarre concept, but it's all in a days work for the PFR project team.   Storage of the spent fuel from the former fast reactor needs to be safeguarded from all potentially hazardous conditions.  
Safety Record Earns Charity WindfallThumbnail for article : Safety Record Earns Charity Windfall
Dounreay's industrial safety record during the last 12 months earned a 22,500 windfall for good causes locally.   Every month the site goes without a lost-time accident earns a 2500 pay-out from UKAEA Ltd, parent company of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.  
Budget Comment From Caithness Chamber Of Commerce
Commenting on the Chancellor's Budget statement, Trudy Morris Chief Executive of Caithness Chamber of Commerce, said: "Businesses had a need to see some positive news out of the Budget and we are fairly encouraged by some of the measures announced.   The Chancellor appears to have taken notice of some of the recommendations put forward by both the British and Scottish Chambers of Commerce.  
Liquid Metal Fire Tenders Phased Out At DounreayThumbnail for article : Liquid Metal Fire Tenders Phased Out At Dounreay
The destruction of the liquid metal coolant in Dounreay's experimental fast reactors means that the site can say farewell to two of its firefighters, the graphex tenders.   Specially built for Dounreay, the two graphex tenders are the only ones in the world.  
Mr Muscle Helps Dounreay Clean-upThumbnail for article : Mr Muscle Helps Dounreay Clean-up
Another legacy of Dounreay's commercial venture into nuclear reprocessing has been safely cleaned up and taken apart.   A household proprietry cleaner "Mr Muscle" was found to be the most effective way of removing glue and fake snow use in the clean-up process.  
End Of Plutonium Criticality Cell Marks Another Step In DecommissioningThumbnail for article : End Of Plutonium Criticality Cell Marks Another Step In Decommissioning
A stump of concrete and steel is all that remains standing of one Britain's most historic nuclear research facilities from the 1950s.   Demolition contractor John Gunn is in the final stages of clearing away the reinforced shield that once surrounded the plutonium criticality cell pressure vessel.  
Working together for the North Highland water environment
Protecting and enhancing the natural waters of the North Highland area is a huge task involving many organisations and communities, and Scotland's environment watchdog is urging all those with an interest to get involved.   The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is asking interested local communities and businesses to read the draft River basin management plans (RBMP) and Local area management plans (AMP) and feed back whether they think the plans are comprehensive enough, how they can help to achieve the aims of the plans, and how we can all work together to achieve them.  
Hi-tech "Worm" Probes Subterranean PipelineThumbnail for article : Hi-tech
A hi-tech "worm" is probing a subterranean pipeline used to discharge radioactive effluent from Dounreay between 1957 and 1992.   The 100,000 pipe crawler has sent back video and radiation readings during its five-day journey some 45 metres underground.  
New environmental regulations needn't be costly
In the current economic climate it is essential businesses are prepared for new regulations, as failure to comply could lead to increased costs.   NetRegs ( is a free UK website offering environmental guidance for businesses and is delivered in partnership with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).  
Scotland's recycling rate continues to rise
Scotland's recycling and composting rate continues to make steady progress.  Figures released today (Friday 13 February), by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), show that Scotland's annual recycling and composting rate rose to 32.9% for the year October 2007 to September 2008.  
A north-east farmer was fined 2000 for allowing diesel to enter surface water drains and into a tributary of the River Ythan causing pollution of the river.   Mr Roger Glennie from the Hillhead of Ardo Farm, Methlick, Ellon pled guilty today (21 January 2009) to a contravention of legislation designed to protect the water environment.  
New approach to improving the future health of Scotland's water
Scotland's environment watchdog has found that 57% of Scotland's water is in good condition, or better.  This provides an excellent basis for our future livelihoods, economy and recreation.  
The Caithness Chamber of Commerce has recruited a chief executive to ensure a strong united business voice for the future.   Trudy Morris, who currently lives in Inverness, will take up her new appointment on Monday 5th January 2009.  
Breeder element removal tool installed in fast reactorThumbnail for article : Breeder element removal tool installed in fast reactor
A versatile remotely-operated machine that will cut the heart out of Dounreay's fast reactor has been installed in the sphere.   The retrieval cell is a highly engineered tool that will reach down inside the reactor vessel and remove the remaining breeder elements in a delicate and precise operation.  
Shaft clean-up nominated for top awardThumbnail for article : Shaft clean-up nominated for top award
A ground-breaking project to recover nuclear waste from a shaft beneath Dounreay is in the running for a top award.   The project team has already taken a top in-house award for its safety and environmental performance during a three-year operation to divert groundwater from the shaft.