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Dounreay Reactor Core Drilling Success
Yet another pioneering invention has successfully allowed the crucial next phase of decommissioning Dounreay's Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) to begin.  The innovative purpose built device, which resembles an extremely long flexible drill, enables pockets of liquid metal to be drained from deep inside the redundant reactor.  
Climate Change - Are We Leaving It To Luck?
Scotland is in danger of relying on luck to solve environmental challenges.  This stark message comes from leading academic Professor Mike Hulme of the internationally recognised Tyndall Centre on Climate Change Research.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 15
UKAEA ANNOUNCES SEABED CLEAN-UP TRIALS UKAEA on November 21 announced plans to undertake trials of remotely-operated technology that could be used to remove substantial numbers of particles from the seabed at Dounreay.  A notice placed in the Official Journal of the European Union seeks expressions of interest from companies capable of detecting and removing fragments of irradiated nuclear fuel known to be buried in the offshore sediment near the site's old effluent discharge outlet.  
Dounreay Announces Plans To Begin Seabed Clean-up Trials
UKAEA has announced plans to undertake trials of remotely operated technology that could be used to remove substantial numbers of particles from the seabed at Dounreay.   A notice placed in the Official Journal of the European Union seeks expressions of interest from companies capable of detecting and removing fragments of irradiated nuclear fuel known to be buried in the offshore sediment near the site's old effluent discharge outlet.  
Project Manager Sought For Proposed Nuclear Skills Academy Scotland
A project manager is being recruited to take forward proposals for a Nuclear Skills Academy Scotland.   The proposed skills academy is being drawn up in partnership between the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Caithness and Sutherland Enterprise, North Highland College UHI Millennium Institute and UKAEA Dounreay, which are jointly funding the project manager role.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 14
LOOKING AT THE FINAL SITE OPTIONS On behalf of the Dounreay Stakeholder Group, UKAEA has published a consultation document detailing the feasible options for the condition of the site when decommissioning is complete.  While a final decision on the future use of the land does not need to be made for a number of years community views are being sought now to allow the NDA and its contractor UKAEA to finalise their plans for decommissioning the site with greater certainty.  
DFR Breeder Builds International LinksThumbnail for article : DFR Breeder Builds International Links
Following the installation of the 25 tonne crane that is now impressively taking centre stage high over the partially clad building, the interior construction work is rapidly progressing and the layout of the pioneering plant to remove the breeder elements from DFR is beginning to take shape.   A site inspector and an assessor from the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) have recently accompanied members of the project team to the offices of SGN in Cherbourg, the French company appointed to design, manufacture and install the process cell.  
Options Identified For Dealing With Particles In The Environment
A panel of experts has identified a short-list of 11 feasible combinations of options for addressing the legacy of radioactive particles in the marine environment around Dounreay.   The options will be detailed for the first time tonight at the Environmental Research Institute in Thurso when Phil Cartwright (UKAEA) and Paul Dale (SEPA) will provide an update on the recent work undertaken to understand the extent of the contamination and the human health aspects respectively.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 13
GROUP PUBLISHES SOCIO ECONOMIC STRATEGY.  A working group chaired by John Thurso MP and comprising of key stakeholders in the economy around Dounreay has completed its work with the publication of a strategy for addressing the social and economic consequences of site closure.  
SEPA Welcomes Radioactive Waste Decision
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is pleased that a clear policy framework for managing higher activity radioactivity wastes in the UK has been decided upon.   Today's (Wednesday 25 October) announcement by the UK Government and devolved administrations in response to the recommendations made by the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) foresees this type of radioactive waste being managed in the long term by means of geological disposal and, until such a facility exists, it will be stored in safe and secure interim facilities.  
Updated Manpower Forecasts For Decommissioning DounreayThumbnail for article : Updated Manpower Forecasts For Decommissioning Dounreay
UKAEA Dounreay today published updated figures about employment at the site and projections of reducing manpower needs as more of the fast reactor experiment is cleaned out and demolished.   The report - available on-line here states: Current employment levels of approximately 2000 are expected to reduce by 500 over the next five years.  
Indicative River and Coastal Flood Map (Scotland)
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is distributing, under licence, initial copies of this map to organisations, including the Scottish Executive, local authorities and emergency services.  The map gives an indication of the areas in Scotland potentially at risk of flooding from either rivers or the sea, or both.  
Making Progress On War On Waste
The third Area Waste Plan Annual Reports published today reveal how local authorities are helping to tackle waste produced throughout each area in Scotland.   The reports, which are available on the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) website, are broken down into the 11 individual waste plan areas.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 12
PRINCESS ANNE TO OPEN TEST CENTRE.  Princess Anne is to officially open Britain's first purpose-built nuclear clean-up test, trials, training, research and development centre as part of a visit to Caithness on Tuesday, October 10.  
Retired Dounreay Workers Check Out The ChangesThumbnail for article : Retired Dounreay Workers Check Out The Changes
UKAEA recently invited a group of Dounreay's retired workers back to site to see the decommissioning work taking place at Dounreay.   During their return to site Gordon Bailey, Frank Sinclair, Sinclair Calder, Ernie Lillyman, Jonathon Kirk and Rolland Shallcross were informed about the shaft isolation project and saw for themselves the changes that have taken place at the shaft including the raised working platform which was recently constructed.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 11
REACTOR CONTROL ROOM IS CONSIGNED TO HISTORY.  What was once the hub of the next generation of nuclear power plant, a hive of activity buzzing with the thrill of ground-breaking technology, is now in stark contrast an empty shell.  
Chief Executive Scottish Chambers Of Commerce Speech In Caithness
Speech by Liz Cameron Chief Executive Scottish Chambers of Commerce Caithness Chamber AGM, Park Hotel, Thurso 19 September 2006 Ladies & Gentlemen, good afternoon.   First may I say how delighted I am to be here in Scotland's true North East? It is always uplifting to the spirit to leave the City behind and breathe the clear air, admire the stunning scenery and enjoy the warm welcome of the North of Scotland.  
Full Pass Marks For Scotland's Bathing WatersThumbnail for article : Full Pass Marks For Scotland's Bathing Waters
All of Scotland's bathing beaches have passed the European standard water quality tests for the first time since monitoring began 20 years ago.   On the final day of the 2006 bathing waters season, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) can reveal that all of the 63 designated bathing waters have passed either EC 'mandatory' or stricter 'guideline' standards.  
2006 Seabed Survey For Particles Completed
UKAEA has completed a three-month programme of offshore monitoring surveys to improve understanding of the location of irradiated fuel particles in off-shore sediments using a remotely-operated monitoring device.   The results are being compiled and a preliminary report has been sent to the Dounreay Particles Advisory Group and Scottish Environment Protection Agency.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 10
HOTSPUR CELL CLEAN-OUT IS DECOMMISSIONING MILESTONE.  Dounreay has passed an important decommissioning milestone by successfully cleaning up and dismantling the first of the heavily-shielded facilities in the fuel cycle laboratories, known as the Hotspur cell.