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Council Elections - Thurso - Don Smith - SNP

14th April 2012

Photograph of Council Elections - Thurso - Don Smith - SNP

Hello. Thank you for visiting my election profile.

As you know my name is Don Smith. I stand as a Scottish National Party candidate as I believe Scotland, like any other country has the right to self-government. However, this is a council ward election focusing on local issues. Although the two are not unrelated, to quote James Maxton, "If you cannot ride two horses you have no right in the circus".

For the last 10 years I have actively served Thurso as a community councillor. As such, I have been able to help many people with small but important issues, such as handrails for those who need them. I have also been involved with and instigated major issues such as the replacement of the bridge at the cemetery.

As ward residents, we know the problems facing the town. I am not going to promise a magic bullet to fix these as that would be misleading. Why? Simple. Issues like lack of funding left by the outgoing administration, funding for projects may simply not be there. This does not mean I intend to do nothing, I will always argue the case. Furthermore, as we all know, the course of any administration is determined by events. Unexpected priority issues may come to the fore, which would require urgent funding. Funding that I would have disingenuously promised you for other projects in order to grab your vote.

Moreover I wish to see local government properly funded and I am committed to seeing the decentralisation of local decision-making, along with the SNP Highland Group. However I wish to go further than just this. I would like to see real local empowerment. This means working closely with the community council - whose work is very important but somewhat underrated - and by consulting with partner organisations and groups who are affected by the issues.

Without question, without doubt, I do promise that everything I do will have the betterment of Thurso Ward and its people at its heart.

Your vote is vital. You have the power to change direction.


Promoted by Don Smith on behalf of Thurso SNP
39 Brownhill Road Thurso

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