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HIAL launches draft Gaelic Language Plan

9th April 2013

Regional airports group HIAL has today launched a draft Gaelic Language Plan for consultation.

In common with other public authorities, HIAL is required by the Scottish Government to produce a Gaelic Language Plan under the terms of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005.

The draft five year Plan outlines a series of measures by HIAL to support and promote the Gaelic Language and culture, in line with the aspirations and objectives set out in the National Gaelic Language Plan.

Proposals include the creation of a bilingual the HIAL logo, increased use of Gaelic in airport signage, terminal information screens and online, Gaelic awareness training for frontline staff, and the appointment of Gaelic language ambassadors.
Members of the public, Gaelic organisations, public agencies, business groups and others will have an opportunity to respond to the outline proposals during a six week consultation, which closes on 22 May.

Inglis Lyon, Managing Director of HIAL, said: The Gaelic language and culture is an important part of Scotlands heritage and identity. With airports across Scotland and around 1.3 million UK and international passengers, HIAL is determined to play its part in supporting the development of Gaelic, and in raising its profile across Scotland.

How to respond to the consultation
HIAL is inviting responses to its draft Gaelic Language Plan from members of the public, local politicians, government, public and private sector agencies, Gaelic organisations and others with an interest in the Gaelic language.

If you have any comments about the Plan, please send your response to:
Gaelic Language Plan, HIAL, Corporate Office, Inverness Airport, Inverness, IV2 7JB
You can also comment by email:gaelic[AT]

The consultation closes on 22 May 2013. Submissions received after this date may not be considered.

All responses received will be published in a report to Brd na Gidhlig and made publicly available. If you wish your response to remain anonymous, please indicate this clearly when contacting HIAL.

Following the conclusion of the public consultation, a final version of the Plan will be presented for consideration by Brd na Gidhlig.

Download the draft Gaelic Language Plan at -

HIAL a' cur air bhog Plana Gidhlig
Tha am buidhean phort-adhair roinneil HIAL an diugh a' cur dreach dhen Phlana Gidhlig aca a-mach gu co-chomhairleachadh poblach.
Coltach ri ghdarrasan phoblach eile, tha HIAL air iarraidh le Riaghaltas na h-Alba Plana Gidhlig a dheasachadh fo chumhachan Achd na Gidhlig (Alba) 2005.
Tha am plana 5 bliadhna a' soilleireachadh na ceumanan a ghabhas HIAL ann a bhith a' cur taic ri is a' leasachadh na Gidhlig is a cultar, a-rirs na h-iarratasan agus na h-amasan a th'air am mneachadh ann am Plana Niseanta na Gidhlig.
A-measg na molaidhean tha a bhith a' dealbh logo d-chnanach, a bhith a' nochdadh barrachd Gidhlig ann an soidhnichean, ann am fiosrachadh agus air loidhne, tranadh ann am mothachadh cnain airson luchd-obrach a dhiligeas ris a' phobail, agus a bhith a' fasdadh tosgairean airson na Gidhlig.
Bidh cothrom aig muinntir an t-sluaigh, buidhnean Ghidhilg, buidhnean phoblach agus gnomhachasan freagairtean a thilleadh dha na dreach molaidhean anns na sia seachdainean cho-chomhairleachaidh, a tha a' crochnachadh air 22 den Chiteann.

Thuirt Inglis Lyon, rd Stiiriche HIAL: Tha Gidhlig is a cultar na pirt chudthromach de dhualchas agus dearbh-aithne na h-Alba. Le puirt-adhair air feadh na h-Alba agus mu 1.3 millean luchd-siubhail bhon Roghachd Aonaichte agus thall thairis, tha HIAL airson taic a chur ri leasachadh na Gidhlig, agus a bhith a' togail a h-omhaigh air feadh na h-Alba.

Mar a bheir thu freagairt dhan cho-chomhairleachadh
Tha HIAL a' fiathchadh freagairtean dhan dreach Plana Gidhlig bho mhuinntir an t-sluaigh luchd poileataigeach ionadail, riaghaltas, buidhnean anns na roinnean phoblach is phrobhaideach, buidhnean Ghidhlig agus daoine eile le idh 'sa Ghidhlig.
Ma tha beachdan sam bith agaibh mun Phlana, le bhur toil cuiribh iad gu:
Gaelic Language Plan, HIAL, Corporate Office, Inverness Airport, Inverness, IV2 7JB.
Faodar fios a chur air post-dealain gu:
Tha an co-chomhairleachadh a' crochnachadh air 22 den Chitean 2013. Ma gheibhear ar beachdan s didh a' chinn-latha seo 's mathaid nach tid beachdachadh orra.
Thid na freagairtean uile an clo-bhualadh ann an aithisg gu Brd na Gidhlig agus thid an danamh poblach. Nam bu mhath leibh gum biodh ar freagairtean gun urra, dan seo follaiseach nuair a chuireas sibh fios gu HIAL, le bhur toil.
Nuair a thig croch air a' cho-chomhairleachadh phoblach, thid sgrdadh a dhanamh air na freagairtean uile agus thid beachdachadh orra le cram. Thid dreach deireannach a chur gu Brd na Gidhlig airson aonta.

Luchdaich a-nuas dreach dhen Phlana Gidhlig


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