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Without Basic Home Security You Are 10 Times More Likely To Be Burgled

19th August 2007

Photograph of Without Basic Home Security You Are 10 Times More Likely To Be Burgled

Latest British Crime Survey highlights importance of home security in run-up to National Home Security Week 25th August 2007

This bank holiday weekend do something to deter burglars - don't put it off

'Fit basic visible security deterrents' is the clear message from both the latest British Crime Survey and the National Home Security Week campaign. With 726,000 domestic burglaries in the UK per year (2006-7), more than one home a minute in the UK is affected by this traumatic event.

But you can take action to help prevent it happening to you. The Home Office states: "The level of home security is the key defence against burglary, not only in reducing overall risk but also in foiling burglary attempts."

Leading home security manufacturer, Micromark, is proud to be sponsoring the sixth annual National Home Security Week (NHSW) which takes place this year from 25th - 31st August. NHSW encourages homeowners to think about their home security and aims to raise awareness of the simple preventative measures people can take to reduce both the risk of crime and fear of crime in their own home - rather than reacting after the event.

The British Crime Survey (BCS) shows that households with no security measures were almost 10 times more likely to have been victims of burglary than households where there were simple security measures (22.5% compared with 2.5%) - source Home Office.

Nathan Cole, Product Marketing Manager at Micromark, says: "Government statistics show without basic home security you are 10 times more likely to be burgled. However, only a small percentage of homeowners are fitting deterrents such as alarms and CCTVs which really do put would-be burglars off. So the advice to consumers is don't delay, take action now for a safer holiday season. Visit you're local DIY store and choose the right affordable security measures for you."

Clearly security measures do work as a deterrent. Previous Micromark research with convicted burglars underlines this. Over two thirds (67%) of burglars interviewed said they were put off burgling a house that had CCTV installed and 86% of burglars think security lighting is an effective security measure. Also further Home Office research shows burglar alarms and CCTV to be the greatest burglary deterrents - with over 80% of burglars put off by these.

The Bank Holiday weekend is an ideal time to do something NOW to deter burglars - don't put it off. As many of us head off to the coast or abroad this summer leaving empty properties, fitting simple security measures will make you feel safer and improve your peace of mind so you worry less and enjoy your holiday more.

Fitting home security doesn't have to be expensive (Micromark's are all DIY jobs) - there are simple affordable measures you can take - for example CCTV systems from 29.99, alarms from 39.99 and security lights from under 10. Many DIY and electrical stores have special offers in place for the Bank Holiday week.

Further Micromark research, found home security is of major importance to most homeowners - 95% considered it to be very important or important. However many houses do not have the most effective measures in place - Micromark research4 shows less than 1 in 5 burglary victims had an alarm system and only 1 in 30 had CCTV. Of those that have fitted security products, alarms, security lighting and window deadlocks are the most popular forms of deterrent.

Fear of crime is an important measure of peace of mind and varies across the regions. When asked to estimate the number of burglaries in the UK every hour, consumers in all regions wildly over estimated actual figures - up to many hundreds of times over - which implies a disproportionate fear of burglary. The highest estimates were in the North West of England and London - which mirrors BCS figures showing householders in Manchester, Liverpool and London boroughs have some of the highest chances of becoming a victim of burglary. Anyone looking for further home security advice can visit or call Micromark on 020 8829 6354 to request a free copy of the Insider's Guide To Home Security leaflet. The leaflet shows a burglars' eye view on security weak spots and is full of tips on how to make your home more secure.

1 survey carried out on 35 convicted burglars by The Survey Shop, August 2005
2 Source: Home Office 'Decision-making by house burglars: offenders' perspectives' in 2004).
3 Micromark research completed August 2007 - 645 consumers
4 Research carried out by, August 2006, sample size 1,264 consumers

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