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Nicola Sinclair - Independent - Wick & East Caithness

14th April 2017

Photograph of Nicola Sinclair - Independent - Wick & East Caithness

Being a Councillor is a tremendous responsibility and privilege. The people you elect on 4th May could deliver change in every area of your life, from your bin day to your children's education. In many ways, it's not political; it's personal. And yet turnout is often low at Council elections. I think that's because many people have become disillusioned with politics. Politicians trot out platitudes and nobody understands what they really mean. Candidates tow the party line and the public are left in the dark.

I’m not interested in that kind of politics, and I know the people of Caithness aren’t either. We need our local Councillors to fight for what the community wants and to tell the truth. I am running as an independent candidate for Wick and East Caithness because I believe I can do that.

Here is what I promise to do if you elect me on 4th May:

I will hold regular, local drop-in sessions where I will get to understand what matters to the people in my Ward. I will also go round local businesses to find out what they need to thrive.

Whether you approach me on Facebook, call me or stop me in the street, I promise I will listen, respond and take action.

I will advocate for Wick and East Caithness. Specifically, I will continue to fight against the centralisation of services, and for a better deal from Highland Council HQ.

I will aim high and pull out all the stops to solve some long-term problems in the county. For example, can we use the Community Empowerment Act to buy back and restore derelict buildings? Can we set up a Common Good Fund so that local money stays local?

I will continue to campaign through CHAT for a safer healthcare model, and oppose the slow erosion of local services.

Most of all, I will work tirelessly and I will always tell the truth.

I hope that my voluntary work so far proves that:

As Secretary of Wick Community Council I have pushed for urgent road repairs, fought (and won) against cuts to local bus services, delivered several town improvement projects including the new town entrance signs (funded by Tesco) and the lighting up of the War Memorial (funded by SSE), and I have defended frontline local services against Council cuts.

In the two years since I founded Caithness Health Action Team CHAT , we have delivered a 6,000 strong petition to Parliament, led hundreds of supporters on a mass march through town, secured greater funding for local ambulance services and - perhaps most importantly - made sure the public knew the truth about our healthcare at every turn. Most recently, we are preparing to launch our 100 Mile Helper kits and have successfully persuaded NHS Highland to hire a Liaison Officer to support Caithness patients travelling to Raigmore. However, the fight will continue, and we need strong local voices now more than ever.

I believe I can be that voice. Please vote Nicola Sinclair for Wick and East Caithness and let me show you what I can do.

Call: 07715 106 020 or 01955 603204


Web: facebook/nicforwick

Promoted by Nicola Sinclair, 20 Sinclair Terrace, Wick, Caithness, KW1 5AB

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