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New Business Women's Club

15th July 2001

The Highland Business Women's Club was the fifth Scottish Businesswomen's Club launched in 1995. It exists to provide a framework to support women in business by creating opportunities to make new social and professional contacts, exchange ideas and learn from experienced members of the business community and many other things. It has always been based in Inverness or thereabouts and appeared very much as a "booted and suited"/power dressing thing starting at times like 6.30 p.m. Having said that it is extremely interesting and covers a wide range of topics and allows men in to speak. Last year a North Group was started in Sutherland, that never seemed to get out of the Dornoch / Ardgay / Golspie area and attempted to run along the lines of the Inverness meetings.

However along came a woman who said "excuse me" up here we have to travel a long way, lots of us have families, who we need to ensure are cared for, or are also self-employed and client driven and can't make these early starts, also we would welcome the idea to talk/network/problem solve/grumble/chill out over some kind of drink. So the first social type meeting was held in Golspie in July and the next is planned for Tuesday 14th August, 8 - 10 p.m. (later if you like) in the Residents Lounge in Mackay's Hotel in Wick. The idea is to alternate between Golspie and Wick and we only have 6 months to do this in, so if you want to take part, then you need to get there fast. If you can't make this meeting and would like to register your interest, please contact Rosie O'Hara either on 01593 741728 or by e-mail

This is aimed at women, who are employed, self-employed and those of you who think it doesn't apply to you such as B & B owners, Shop owners, anyone who produces anything or provides a service. So far the group covers someone who is into various things, women in advertising and printing, a translator, a newsagent, a beautician, woman who makes curry for a living. Where else will you find someone who "knows just what it's like" and "Where would you like to be next year"?