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The price of everything looks set to rise

9th October 2021

Articles are coming faster and faster detailing why prices of almost everything look set to rise up to next April 2022.

Energy prices are making the big headlines in recent months as more and more smaller energy companies throw in the towel. Even with cap on prices it has already risen and will rise more at the end of March next year as warned by Ofgem.

Home consumers are but one aspect of this. Perhaps more worrying is how it affects businesses who do not have a cap on their energy charges.

Almost every business in the UK uses energy from the largest to the smallest energy costs are added to prices. Even small business like a play group will face a huge rise in their gas or electricity price charges. - some saying it could be up to eight times higher bills. This in turn must be passed on to customers in higher prices.

The headlines are mainly talking about Steel, Cement, Bricks, Chemicals etc but all businesses are affected when their current contracts for energy come to an end.

Transport and shipping costs have recently increased as the world got back to work. Demand for shipping containers ahs meant prices have risen six to ten times to hire a container.

Shortages of certain workers like HGV drivers is driven up wages as many employers try to find staff.

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