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UK Job Vacancies Soar To 1,102,000 As Economy Speeds Up

12th October 2021

Photograph of UK Job Vacancies Soar To 1,102,000 As Economy Speeds Up

The number of job vacancies in July to September 2021 was a record high of 1,102,000 - an increase of 318,000 from its pre-pandemic January to March 2020 level. This was the second consecutive month the three-month average has risen over one million.

July to September 2021 saw continued growth across the majority of sectors with 12 of the 18 categories displaying a record number of vacancies; the largest quarterly increase was seen in Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, which was up 35,000 (32.4%)

Across the majority of industry sectors the rate of growth in vacancies began to slow down; vacancies rose by 239,000 (27.7%) in July to September 2021, down from 242,000 (38.9%) last quarter.

In July to September 2021, all industry sectors are above or equal to their January to March 2020 pre-pandemic levels with accommodation and food service activities increasing the most, by nearly 50,000 (59%).

All industry size bands displayed a record number of vacancies in July to September 2021.

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