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A Car-sharing Club For Caithness?Thumbnail for article : A Car-sharing Club For Caithness?
Pentland Energy Advice is holding a public meeting about its proposed expansion into car clubs.   PEA is keen to gauge the level of public support to put in place a pool of cars for our community.  
Dounreay Dome Paint Job ScrappedThumbnail for article : Dounreay Dome Paint Job Scrapped
Bosses at Dounreay agreed that they won't now be spending 500,000 on a repaint of the sphere.   They money saved will go instead towards actual decommissioning work.  
Clean-up Reveals 6000 Years Of Human HistoryThumbnail for article : Clean-up Reveals 6000 Years Of Human History
Getting rid of Britain's 20th century experiment with fast breeder nuclear reactors is illuminating the history of human settlement on Scotland's north coast stretching back 6000 years.   Archaeologists hired as part of the closure of the nuclear site at Dounreay have pieced together the legacy left by previous generations who occupied the site as long ago as 4000BC.  
New Report Lists Radioactive Wastes At DounreayThumbnail for article : New Report Lists Radioactive Wastes At Dounreay
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published the latest edition of the UK's radioactive waste inventory.   This sets out the type and volumes of radioactive waste at sites such as Dounreay, as of April 1, 2010.  
Nuclear Shutdown Cash Boost For School Skills
Cash from the closure of the fast reactor site at Dounreay is set to breed a new generation of engineers and scientists in the Scottish Highlands.   The money from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority will fund half the cost of a 50,000 project to increase the number of school-leavers skilled in science, technology, engineering and maths.  
New Vaults Signal Start Of Waste ClearanceThumbnail for article : New Vaults Signal Start Of Waste Clearance
The clearance of tens of thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste from the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay today moved a step closer.   Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd announced the formal award of a contract to develop a disposal site for low-level waste from the decommissioning and closure of the site.  
Regeneration Partnership Update 21 March 2011
Business Services: I will be coordinating a meeting this week with representatives from the Pensions Administration Office to update local stakeholders on plans to move the PAO's base from Thurso to the Forss Business & Technology Park.  The work done by staff at the PAO is a good example of the type of high-quality employment we would like to encourage as part of the economic transition process taking place over the coming months and years.  
Regeneration Partnership Update 14 March 2011
Week commencing 14th March: Energy: Following discussions at the CNSRP Executive Board about the value of pursuing additional mechanisms to encourage inward investment into the area, CNSRP Chairman Sir Anthony Cleaver has this week written to Rt Hon George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to ask for support in making Caithness and North Sutherland one of the 10 Enterprise Zones announced by the coalition UK Government.  Copies of the letter have also been sent to Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP (Chief Secretary to the Treasury) and Michael Moore MP (Secretary of State for Scotland).  
Regeneration Partnership Report 7 March 2011
Week commencing 7th March Programme activities: Energy: Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore MP was asked by John Thurso MP during Scottish Questions at Westminster this week to support his calls for Caithness to become one of the UK's first Marine Energy Parks.  The coalition Government announced this idea recently, and there is a desire in the area to take the idea forward as a means of further emphasising the Pentland Firth's role as the UK hub of marine energy development.  
Caithness & North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership - Week Comm 28 Feb
Programme activities: Energy: I continue to discuss ways in which the area's assets can be maximised in relation to the marine energy sector.  This week discussions have taken place with Highland Council and HIE staff regarding how we might approach Government to make the case for some form of enterprise zone status for the area, and also to take forward proposals to combine existing financial resources within CNSRP partners to provide an even more attractive package for potential investors.  
Regeneration Partnership Update - 14 February 2011
From Eann Sinclair Week commencing 14th February 2011 Programme activities: Now that we have agreed our priorities for the 2011-2014 period, work continues to implement the programme of delivery activities.  This week I chaired the monthly meeting of the Partnership's Delivery Group, at which colleagues from HIE, Highland Council, DSRL and Caithness Chamber reported on progress with our two priority areas of energy and business services.  
Regeneration Partnership - Update 7 Feb 2011
Caithness & North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership - Update Week commencing 7th February I brought together several local organisations currently working in the energy and renewable energy sector, along with Caithness Chamber of Commerce, to discuss the relative value of a more coherent local voice in the energy sector.  Recent local comments on the effective roles played by Orkney Renewable Energy Forum and Shetland Renewable Energy Forum prompted the discussion, and we focused on how existing mechanisms might be used to better effect.  
Regeneration Partnership Update - Week Commencing 24 January 2011
Weekly update, 24th January Week commencing 24th January I met with Caithness area Highland Councillors and HIE's Area Manager Roy Kirk to discuss the ongoing issues regarding the future of the tax office in Wick, which is scheduled for closure in 2012.  HIE remains keen to incorporate the skills represented in the Wick office into its developing campaigns for inward investment in the priority "business services" sector.  
Regeneration Partnership Update - Week Commencing 17 January 2011
Week commencing 17th January From Eann Sinclair - Programme Manage The Partnership's Delivery Group met this week, and discussed progress on our two priority areas of energy and business services.  Roy Kirk, HIE's Area Manager reported progress in existing businesses and with targeted inward investment research and campaigns in specific areas of both energy and business services.  
Graham Construction Wins 100 million Waste Contract At DounreayThumbnail for article : Graham Construction Wins 100 million Waste Contract At Dounreay
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has selected Graham Construction as its preferred bidder for the design and build of a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility.   The company has headquarters in County Down, Northern Ireland, and operates throughout Scotland from offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  
2million Plan For Closure At Landfill Site
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd wants to restore an area of land designated as a rubble dump during the construction and operation phases of the site.   An estimated 70,000m3 of material from the construction and demolition of buildings was deposited in the area beyond the eastern perimeter of the site from 1960 or so.  
Caithness & North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership - Update 20 December
Weeks commencing 13th & 20th December The Partnership's Executive Board met last week, and discussed the draft 2011-2014 Caithness & North Sutherland Action Plan.  I will be making revisions to the Plan based on our discussions, and circulating a revised version aimed at honing down even further our priority activities.  
Report Predicts Growth For Tourism In Caithness and Sutherland
A report for Highlands and Islands Enterprise says that visitor numbers in Caithness and Sutherland could increase by more than 30% over the next ten years.   The study was carried out for the social and economic development agency to look at current and future leisure and business demand to help accommodation providers in the area plan for growth.  
Caithness & North Sutherland Regeneration P'ship Update 22 Nov 2010
Week commencing 22nd November This week's main focus has been finalising a draft of the delivery programme that describes how the partners will achieve the aims set out in our 2011-2014 Action Plan.  In developing this draft programme I have been working with collegues from HIE in particular.  
HIE Board backs 13m investment in major projects
Businesses and communities in Caithness, Orkney and the Outer Hebrides look set to benefit from investment in major infrastructure projects approved today (Monday 22 November) by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).   The HIE Board (Monday 22 November) has approved grants totalling more than 13m to develop three major projects.