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Coronavirus (covid-19): Vaccine Certification Update
Update on plans for introducing a COVID-19 vaccine certification scheme, including how the scheme will operate.   On 8 September 2021 we published a paper setting out proposals for a covid vaccine certification scheme..  
Call for climate stories at Highland Climate Change Conference
The Highland Climate Change Conference is taking place on Thursday 21 and Friday 21 October 2021.   Chair of Highland Council's Climate Change Working Group, Cllr Trish Robertson, said: "The conference is a fantastic opportunity to bring people together from across and beyond Highland to discuss the climate and ecological emergency.  
Security Needed For EU Citizens - Scottish Government Writes To UK Government
The question is should UK taxpayers support benefits to people who did not apply for UK citizenship? Scottish Government thinks so according to a letter sent.   EU citizens who did not apply to settle will no longer have entitlement to a range of support.  
Internal Audit Reports Demonstrating Diligent Work Within The Council Praised By Audit And Scrutiny Members
Members of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee (which took place yesterday, Thursday 23 September) were presented with a report outlining the areas of work which have been undertaken by Highland Council's Internal Audit section since the Committee’s previous meeting during June 2021.   Of the five audit reports considered, three were given the audit opinions of significant assurance or full assurance.  
Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland - 24 September 2021
3,667 new cases of COVID-19 reported.   46,217 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results 8.5% of these were positive.  
International Travel Testing Updated
Testing for inbound international travel is to be eased and will align with the UK following consideration of the logistical, health and economic implications, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport Michael Matheson has said.   Pre-departure tests for fully vaccinated travellers will be removed.  
Online Programme Puts Community Leaders At Heart Of Destination Development
Community representatives from across Scotland are taking part in an online programme to help shape the future of local tourism destination management.   The three-month online Communities Leading in Tourism course, which starts on Tuesday 28 September 2021, is designed to boost tourism sector expertise and destination leadership skills.  
Tech Jobs Increase In Edinburgh And Glasgow As Sector ThrivesThumbnail for article : Tech Jobs Increase In Edinburgh And Glasgow As Sector Thrives
Figures show Scotland's digital sector is booming, with tech roles increasing by over 25% in Edinburgh and Glasgow.   A new report on opportunities in the UK's fast-growing tech sector shows Scotland is a hotspot.  
State Of The Epidemic In Scotland - 24th September 2021
Background This report summarises the current situation on the Covid-19 epidemic in Scotland.  It brings together the different sources of evidence and data about the epidemic in Scotland at this point in time, why we are at that place, and what is likely to happen next.  
All Tips To Go To Staff Under Government Plans To Enhance Rights Of 2 Million Workers
Government unveils plans to overhaul tipping practices, helping around 2 million people top up their income.   Government to tackle shameful tipping practices and ensure all tips go to workers.  
Your Top 5 Questions On Energy Prices Answered
Questions and answers I'm worried there's not enough gas?.   You don’t need to be.  
Millions To Be Empowered By Government Plans To Strengthen Day One Employment Rights And Increase Productivity Of Businesses
Government announces plans to make the right to request flexible working a day one right, as well as new entitlements for unpaid carers.   British workers to get more choice over when and where they work, under new proposals to make the right to request flexible working a day one entitlement.  
Child Winter Heating Assistance Eligibility Extended - Extra money for more than 19,400 disabled children and young people
Legislation which will lead to increased vital support to more than 19,400 children and young people to help their families heat their homes this winter has been laid in the Scottish Parliament.   The legislation extends the eligibility for the Child Winter Heating assistance to young people aged 16 to 18 in receipt of the enhanced daily living component of PIP (Personal Independence Payment).  
Growing Bigger Prickly Hedges Can Reduce The Chance Of Extreme Weather - And A Lot MoreThumbnail for article : Growing Bigger Prickly Hedges Can Reduce The Chance Of Extreme Weather - And A Lot More
In highlighting how Britain lost half its hedgerow network in only 75 years following the post-WWII move to modernise farming, a recent report from the Council for the Protection of Rural England points out how hedgerows can reduce climate warming by naturally helping to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.   Simply allowing existing hedges to get bigger could double overall carbon sequestration capacity (the process of capturing and storing atmospheric CO₂).  
Wick High School Begins LGBT CharterThumbnail for article : Wick High School Begins LGBT Charter
Wick High has taken a progressive step towards LGBTQIA+ awareness and inclusion by beginning their LGBT Youth Scotland School Charter Award.   The LGBT Charter is a programme that supports schools in developing policies and undertaking training to ensure that their school is being as inclusive as possible.  
Work-life Balance: What Really Makes Us Happy Might Surprise YouThumbnail for article : Work-life Balance: What Really Makes Us Happy Might Surprise You
Finding the right work-life balance is by no means a new issue in our society.  But the tension between the two has been heightened by the pandemic, with workers increasingly dwelling over the nature of their work, its meaning and purpose, and how these affect their quality of life.  
Small-scale Farmers Need Decent Wages - Ifad Calls On World Leaders To Commit To Action At Food Systems SummitThumbnail for article : Small-scale Farmers Need Decent Wages - Ifad Calls On World Leaders To Commit To Action At Food Systems Summit
Rome, 23 September 2021 - It is an outrage that rural small-scale farmers in developing countries, who grow a third of our global food, are paid a pittance for their work, said the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) who today asks world leaders attending the UN Food Systems Summit to take concrete actions to change this.   "It is a terrible irony that those who grow our food cannot afford to feed their own families healthy, nutritious diets," said Gilbert F.  
The Elections Bill: Examining The EvidenceThumbnail for article : The Elections Bill: Examining The Evidence
Posted on September 23, 2021 by The Constitution Unit.   The Elections Bill is currently being scrutinised by the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, which has received a large amount of evidence from a wide range of academics and organisations.  
Milestone For Equality In Schools
Roll-out of LGBT inclusive education.   Scotland has become the first country in the world to embed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusive education across the school curriculum.  
The UK's Most Searched Motoring Problems Revealed
With MOTs set for a price increase under new DSVA plans, knowing how to take care of a cars basic needs could help UK drivers to save thousands of pounds in the long run.   Driving Test prices will also increase from next year.