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Britain's Super Rich Unlikely To Move To Boring' And Culturally Barren Tax Havens
The vast majority of Britain's extremely wealthy people would never leave the country for tax reasons, partly due to the stigma involved in doing so, according to new research from the International Inequalities Institute at LSE.   Tax advantageous destinations are widely regarded by the wealthy as ‘boring' and ‘culturally barren' and tax migrants are judged on moral grounds as unduly economically self-interested.  
New Disability Benefit For Pensioners - Replacement For Attendance Allowance
Pensioners in five Scottish local authorities will be the first in the country eligible for a new disability benefit, subject to parliamentary approval of regulations.   From 21 October 2024, Pension Age Disability Payment - the replacement for Attendance Allowance - will be piloted in Argyll & Bute, Highland, Aberdeen City, Orkney and Shetland.  
Minimum Unit Pricing Rise - Price Increases For Wine, Beer And SpiritsThumbnail for article : Minimum Unit Pricing Rise - Price Increases For Wine, Beer And Spirits
The minimum price per unit of alcohol will increase by 15 pence after the Scottish Parliament approved plans to continue with the public health measure.   As part of a ‘sunset clause' when Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) legislation was introduced in 2018, it had been due to end on 30 April, however today's vote by MSPs ensures its continuation.  
Trading Standards - Delivery ScamsThumbnail for article : Trading Standards - Delivery Scams
According to our Big Scottish Scam Survey, the most common scams are related to deliveries, with 55% of respondents having experienced a delivery scam last year.   One recent scam text message reads: "EVRI mail package in process of transportation due to damage to the outer package, address information is lost, can not be delivered.  
Trading Standards - Doorstep Scams - DrivewaysThumbnail for article : Trading Standards - Doorstep Scams - Driveways
There have been several recent reports of cold callers offering to carry out work on properties including gardening and driveway cleaning.   One man paid cold callers £700 in cash to clean his slabs.  
Boost To Everyday Charitable Donations Through New VAT Relief
Consultation on VAT relief on everyday charitable donations will be launched before 23 July 2024.   New VAT relief to encourage businesses to donate everyday items to charity will be consulted on.  
3% Inflation Just Fine - Richard MurphyThumbnail for article : 3% Inflation Just Fine - Richard Murphy
The Bank of England is determined to keep interest rates high, create a recession and keep unemployment high until inflation hits 2%.  But no one knows why 2% is the right inflation target.  
UK No Longer An Outlier On Inflation As It Falls Below The US Rate For First Time Since In Two Years
CPI inflation fell to 3.2 per cent in March - falling below the US inflation rate (CPI for All Urban Consumers) of 3.5 per cent for the first time since March 2022 (but still above the Eurozone rate of 2.4 per cent) – bringing an end to the UK's unwanted status as an outlier on inflation, the Resolution Foundation said on Wednesday in response to the latest ONS data.   The latest fall was less than markets expected, but driven by a welcome fall in food inflation (down to 4 per cent, from 19.1 per cent last year).  
New Members Of The Scottish Youth Parliament Elected For Highland - Wick Representative Megan TraversThumbnail for article : New Members Of The Scottish Youth Parliament Elected For Highland - Wick Representative Megan Travers
The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) has welcomed five new Highland members following the outcome of recent elections.   Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) are elected every two years and become the voice of Scotland's young people.  
Wick RNLI Lifeboat Launched To Assist Round Britain RowerThumbnail for article : Wick RNLI Lifeboat Launched To Assist Round Britain Rower
Wick RNLI lifeboat the Roy Barker II was launched at 7:15pm on Sunday 14 April to go to the assistance of a round Britain rower.   The rower had successfully passaged through the Pentland Firth and was making his way down the east coast towards Freswick when there was a change of wind direction which made getting around the headland against both wind and tide very difficult.  
Why Are We Giving The Rich Benefits?Thumbnail for article : Why Are We Giving The Rich Benefits?
The UK's wealthiest people get an average of more than £8,000 a year in total tax reliefs on their pension contributions - which is as much as some pensioners get from the state and vastly more than Universal Credit permits.  Why do we have a tax system that so heavily subsidies the wealthy when so many live in poverty? ABOUT RICHARD MURPHY Richard Murphy is Professor of Accounting Practice at Sheffield University Management School.  
Hyundai Partnership Signals Vote Of Confidence In Scotland
Deputy First Minister Shona Robison has welcomed the signing of a partnership between Scottish enterprise agencies and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, which will unlock expertise in the design and manufacture of floating offshore wind substructures.   Scottish Enterprise (SE) and Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the company in Edinburgh, described as a "vote of confidence" in Scotland, committing each other to pursue opportunities for floating offshore wind projects here.  
Driving Global Climate Innovation - Retractable WingsailThumbnail for article : Driving Global Climate Innovation - Retractable Wingsail
An innovative retractable wingsail that developer Smart Green Shipping estimates can save commercial shipping companies up to 30% fuel per year will be launched by First Minister Humza Yousaf today (Wednesday 17 April 2024).   Its development has been supported by £1.8 million Scottish Enterprise grant funding and £1.35 million equity investment from leading Japanese shipping company MOL Drybulk and Scottish Enterprise, with South of Scotland Enterprise helping the company establish a base in Dumfries.  
Earnings And Employment From Pay As You Earn Real Time Information, UK - April 2024Thumbnail for article : Earnings And Employment From Pay As You Earn Real Time Information, UK - April 2024
Early estimates for March 2024 indicate that the number of payrolled employees rose by 0.7% compared with March 2023, a rise of 204,000 employees.   This annual increase was largest in the health and social work sector, with a rise of 172,000 employees.  
New Protections To Enable Consumers To Benefit From Cheaper Energy DealsThumbnail for article : New Protections To Enable Consumers To Benefit From Cheaper Energy Deals
New proposals to give consumers confidence to take up smart devices.   Consultation part of wider action to modernise the energy system, proposals will reduce pressure on the electricity grid, support up to 24,000 jobs and save up to £50 billion new measures to help consumers benefit from the best energy deals via a smart, flexible electricity system to save money on bills strengthened protections will mean consumers can be confident their data will be handled securely and that they can access the best deals using any device.  
Producer Price Inflation, UK - March 2024, Including Services, January To March 2024Thumbnail for article : Producer Price Inflation, UK - March 2024, Including Services, January To March 2024
Changes in the prices of goods bought and sold by UK manufacturers including price indices of materials and fuels purchased (input prices) and factory gate prices (output prices).  Also including quarterly estimates monitoring the changes in prices charged for services provided to UK-based customers for a range of industries.  
Cop28 Net-zero Exports Close To £70 Million
Companies which took part in the Scottish Government's first ever business delegation at COP28 say they expect to generate an estimated £66.74 million in net zero export sales over the next three years according to a new report published today.   A total of 19 net zero focussed Scottish companies attended the programme of business activities at the global climate summit in Dubai last year, supported by the First Minister Humza Yousaf and the Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy and Net Zero Màiri McAllan.  
Consumer Price Inflation, UK - March 2024 - 3.2% Down From 3.4% In FebruaryThumbnail for article : Consumer Price Inflation, UK - March 2024 -  3.2% Down From 3.4% In February
The Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers' housing costs (CPIH) rose by 3.8% in the 12 months to March 2024, unchanged from February.   On a monthly basis, CPIH rose by 0.6% in March 2024, compared with a rise of 0.7% in March 2023.  
The Swazi Secrets Investigation - Another Tale Of Corruption UncoveredThumbnail for article : The Swazi Secrets Investigation - Another Tale Of Corruption Uncovered
Swazi Secrets exposes the role the tiny kingdom of Eswatini, the last absolute monarchy in Africa, may have played in the regional illicit economy.   The story revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists looks at what has happened in a tiny land-locked country.  
Cairngorm Funicular Remedial Works ProgressingThumbnail for article : Cairngorm Funicular Remedial Works Progressing
A programme of remedial works to bring Scotland's only funicular railway back into service at Cairngorm Mountain is entering a new phase during week beginning Monday 15 April.   With the snowsports season now over, multiple teams from contractor Balfour Beatty, appointed by Cairngorm Estate owner Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), are set to be deployed on the mountainside.