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Highlanders Urged To Get Fresh On Valentines Day

14th February 2009

Highland romantics are being encouraged to get fresh this Valentine's Day by turning on ... the tap.

Far from pouring cold water on those Valentine's Day plans, drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day could actually help keep those pulses racing.

Keeping your body hydrated will help to keep your heart healthy, protect that charming smile and give you more energy for whatever you have in mind on February 14th.

Scottish Water's Director of Communications, Chris Wallace is helping people to fall in love - with Scottish drinking water:

"About two-thirds of your body is made up from water and it is therefore a vital nutrient in lubricating joints, keeping your skin soft, your teeth healthy and maintaining hydrated and healthy muscles - most importantly, the heart."

Research* has shown maintaining such hydration levels keeps your heart healthier and less prone to coronary heart disease. That's why people in the North-east are being encouraged to love their water.

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland spokesperson Louise Peardon said: "There's nothing better than water to quench your thirst when keeping active and reducing your risk of coronary heart disease. Keeping active is part of a heart healthy lifestyle which includes eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and cutting down on fatty or sugary food and drinks."

Drinking water before, during and after physical activity helps you stay not only mentally alert but it even gives you extra energy.

Chris continued: "We're looking to encourage people of all ages to drink the recommended quantity of water every day. Whether young or old, it's important to keep your body properly hydrated."

Scottish Water recently achieved a world first in receiving accreditation for its product, Scottish drinking water, from the British Dental Health Foundation. Because the water coming straight from your tap doesn't contain sugar, fat or any calories it helps to keep your teeth, bones, hair and nails healthy.

Everyday Scottish Water delivers two and a half billion litres of this vital nutrient direct to people's taps across Scotland. And on average, customers can still get all their water needs for less than a pound a day.

Chris Wallace concluded: "Many people across Scotland forget they have a ready supply of clear, fresh drinking water available direct from their kitchen tap 24/7. Across Scotland we're investing around 550 million to improve the quality of drinking water. We want customers to enjoy the look and taste of their drinking water.

"Making sure you're topped up with recommended levels of this award winning product can keep you healthy, alert and ready for action."

*Research has shown that keeping your body adequately hydrated can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 46% in men and 59% in women. Keeping properly hydrated can also help your blood flowing and prevent clots forming as water forms a major part of your blood*."
* Reference: Water, other fluids and fatal coronary heart disease by J Chan, S Knutsen, G Blix, W Lee and G Fraser. American Journal of Epidemiology 2002: 155:827-33 Useful materials.)

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