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Brodie McHaggis Books For Children At Christmas

5th December 2011

Photograph of Brodie McHaggis Books For Children At Christmas


books written and published in Caithness

In his first adventure, Brodie McHaggis and the Secret of Loch Ness, Brodie goes in search of the truth behind the myths and legends, which leads him to the Scottish Highlands.† Loch†Ness holds an ocean of mysteries, but only one secret, which Brodie is about to discover. As the young ginger-red haggis triples around the Highlands on his three leathery legs, he stirs up the haggises' oldest and darkest enemy, a witch named Gertruda McNorris.† Brodie befriends a young Highland girl, Erin Scott, who helps him to battle with Gertruda and her cronies to free the haggis from her vow to kill every haggis in existence. It is a race against time for Brodie as he attempts to escape from a Robert Burns' supper at Urquhart Castle and outwit the faeries and Gertruda to return home to the peaceful hills of Dunroamin.

However, it may only be a matter of time before there is a world without haggises, as Gertruda is ever closer to achieving her goal in Brodie's second adventure, Brodie McHaggis and the Curse of the Scotch Mist. The fight for survival continues as Brodie is forced to return to the Scottish Highlands with the help of Nessie. Can he avoid the Curse of the Scotch Mist as he delves deeper into the world of faeries and magic, and can he free the haggis from extinction?

A magical read for "children" of all ages. As a special gift for someone, both books are available bound in red ribbon with a personalised message inside from the Author.

There is free delivery on all books. Visit Brodie's website for more details or email us on brodie[AT] for enquiries.