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Council Elections - Landward Caithness - Alex MacLeod - Scottish National Party

14th April 2012

Photograph of Council Elections - Landward Caithness - Alex MacLeod - Scottish National Party


This election is about Caithness. It's about electing a councillor you can trust, and a council that works for you.

The SNP has a plan to put Caithness at the heart of the council. We will return power - real power - to Caithness.

We'll invest in local roads and services, and we'll create new jobs. I am proud to stand here and offer you that exciting vision for our county.

I am determined to see that Caithness get's a fair deal, because it shouldn't matter whether you live in Dunnet or Dundee, Bower or Birmingham. You deserve the best from your hard-earned Council Tax (which we have frozen every year for FIVE years, by the way!).

I know all to well the challenges that living in a rural or remote community can throw up. I was born and raised in the rural north. I grew up in Ross-shire before going off to work for the First Minister in Aberdeen and study Law at the University of Edinburgh. I have been working in Caithness since 2011, helping local people resolve issues from housing to health, and transport to benefits. I have real experience of dealing with real, day-to-day community issues, and have been actively involved in policies to benefit the Far North.

I believe that where a local community takes control, it stands to reap the rewards of responsibility. I think our services can be better run with local people - like you - in the driving seat.

Within one year, the SNP will set up a local area committee for Caithness. We'll undo five years of centralisation implemented by independent, Lib Dem and Labour councillors.

Our roads in Caithness are a disgrace. They're damaging business, and are hazardous for ordinary motorists. The SNP will fix our roads, and when we do we'll make sure they stay that way. We will invest early in better drainage and better bitchumen, and we'll share the resources according to need - as it should be.

We'll bring back sound, common-sense governance to your council. We'll protect your child's education by supporting those who support our kids. We'll also provide 600 hours of free nursery education for every child in Caithness.

I have visited many of your doorsteps over the past months, and I have many more still to visit. Every day I'm listening to your views. If it matters to you, then it matters to me, so I'm standing on a manifesto that puts your priorities first.

I know sometimes it can feel like this Labour/Independent/Lib Dem administration can go from one blunder to the next - but it doesn't have to be like this.

I wouldn't ask for your precious vote unless I knew I could make a difference for you, your family and your community. I know that together, we can move Caithness forward.

Yours, for Caithness,


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