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Alexander Glasgow - Scottish Liberal Democrats - Thurso & North West Caithness

7th April 2017

Photograph of Alexander Glasgow - Scottish Liberal Democrats - Thurso & North West Caithness

I have been in Caithness since 25 years when we moved for my mother's job teaching modern languages in primary schools. Unfortunately, I have been without paid employment for some time but have devoted time to community groups and helping the disadvantaged in the county.

Local authority elections are about bread and butter issues like pot holes and traffic congestion. Quick access to vital health services or facilities for our schools. Pot holes or traffic congestion. Public transport or income from tourism.

The effective downgrading of maternity services at Caithness General Hospital has made national news. Now we are seeing just how close the Dunbar might be the closure. If one service is removed, it could be a tipping point for other inter-connected services.

I also am hearing of local residents who've started the journey to Raigmore for surgery only to be told on arrival it's been cancelled and to make their way home. This is not acceptable.

Young families and investment would not want to move to an area which cannot provide these.

It is a statement of the obvious that elected representatives should be more willing to discuss this than squirrels or to appear on Russian state television.

This represents a new ward boundary including Thurso and large parts of Landward. It will be almost as large an area as Singapore.

Landward residents don’t want to lose out. Recent reduction to bus services has left previously well-serviced areas with none at all, or where there it remains there seems no rhyme nor reason to the timetable.

If elected, I would represent the 100% in an area which includes agricultural and fishing areas as well as engineering and service industries. Wind-farm community funds are sitting on large sums of money. I would ensure these are used for the benefit of all.

For too long, we have felt that our area has played second fiddle to regional and national government. As part of a strong Highland Liberal Democrat group, I would actively promote localism and what could be called a Caithness manifesto which returns decision making and administration to where it matters: Caithness.


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