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Scam Callers Pretend To Be From Telephone Preference Service

11th April 2017

Photograph of Scam Callers Pretend To Be From Telephone Preference Service

Today Bill Fernie received a call from someone with an Asian accent saying he was from the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and began to ask questions about his personal details and bank information etc.

Bill said," He asked if I was still receiving unwanted calls and that he could stop them. I am experienced and alert to this type of scam. From my experience the TPS service never calls people and I will never give my information to anyone calling me on the phone unless I know them personally or I had contacted them directly."

"I told the man after he asked several questions that I did not believe him and after another couple of attempts he hung up the phone at his end."

This was clearly a scammer trying to obtain bank details to commit a fraud and steal money.

So as ever Bill says"Never give your financial details bank accounts, credit card details etc to anyone cold-calling no matter how good it sounds"

You can check what the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) says about this type of bogus call at -

Tell everyone you know to avoid this especially elderly or disabled people who live alone and may not be so used to this type of fraud.

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