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Ukaea's Helping Hand For The NHS

6th April 2020

The UK Atomic Energy Authority has donated essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS for use during the coronavirus pandemic.

The donation follows a plea from the NHS to organisations around the UK to send what vital equipment they are able to in order to address potential shortages during the current crisis.

The result has seen UKAEA, based at Culham Science Centre near Abingdon, donate 800 facemasks and 10 boxes of surgical gloves to the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Oxfordshire Community Nursing Service.

UKAEA's Nigel Furlong, Richard West, Mike Stead and Nigel Mott were able to source as much equipment as possible from the organisation’s stores at Culham - without compromising equipment needed to cover UKAEA’s contingency arrangements.

Mechanical engineer Jeff Stephens delivered the first 500 of the facemasks to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

After this initial donation, Mechanical Technician Karl Beacham spotted a call for help on Facebook from a nurse at the Community Nursing Service. Staff then were able to locate the further PPE equipment, searching different facilities on site. The further 300 facemasks and 10 boxes of surgical gloves were then donated.

UKAEA typically uses 400-500 facemasks a month and currently has a back order of a further 500 facemasks, which means a further donation of PPE is possible as and when the order is delivered.

UKAEA’s Nigel Furlong, who led the co-ordination effort, said everyone involved was more than pleased to be able to support the NHS with critical equipment.

"For myself and colleagues this activity is important as we felt we were contributing to the national response to the pandemic, while also helping our community and ultimately our friends and family."