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Podcasts From The Washington Post To Get Into America

12th December 2020

Photograph of Podcasts From The Washington Post To Get Into America

The Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post.

Every day Monday to Friday new podcasts are uploaded and average about 30 minutes.

Serous topics covering many aspects of politics and social problems

This week the podcasts were -

Policing mental health crises

What can go wrong when police are the ones responding to mental health crises. And grieving virtually during the pandemic.

A supply chain that could end the pandemic

When the first coronavirus vaccine is approved for emergency use, officials across the country will embark on a finely orchestrated, high-stakes process to distribute and administer doses. Meet the people inside a supply chain that could end the pandemic.

Bridging the vaccine's trust gap

Can companies require employees to be vaccinated? What community leaders and health officials are doing to sell Black Americans on the coronavirus vaccine. And a second life for Halloween skeletons.

Biden's unorthodox health team

President-elect Joe Biden names his administration's top health officials. The toll the pandemic has taken on nursing home employees. And an inauguration unlike any other.

Lame-duck executions

Why the Justice Department is pushing executions before the inauguration. The secret centrist revolt that could mean a second stimulus. And, how a top official tasked with helping Americans through the pandemic could benefit from hundreds of evictions.

Listen to these podcasts and many more HERE