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91,000 Civil Service Jobs Might Be Cut

13th May 2022

The new breaking today is that the prime minister Boris Johnson say the civil service should be cut back to 2016 levels.

The main reason for the increase were brexit and covid.

The cuts are expected to help with the cost of living crisis by reducing the burden on the taxpayer.

There were 384,000 civil servants employed in 2016 - the lowest number since World War Two.

As the UK prepared to leave the EU numbers steadily rose until they reached 475,000 at the end of last year.

All regions of the UK could be affected once the plans are brought forward. The prime minster want department to have plans ready in one month.

A recruitment freeze looks likely to be a first step with appointments needing to be approved first by ministers.

There will need to be long term strategy put in place as some departments are under severe pressure right now. The passport office for example is now saying that applications may take up to 10 weeks to renew or get a new passport caused by the surge in applications as covid restrictions on travel eased.