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S I D Building Services Delivering Roofing And Cladding Solutions

8th February 2006

Photograph of S I D Building Services Delivering Roofing And Cladding Solutions

S I D Building Services have established themselves as a building firm able to deliver a range of building work. Two of their services in particular are gaining more attention due to the severe weather experienced in the Highlands.

Without a doubt roofing can be a nightmare when it goes wrong leading to leaks and flooding of homes and buildings. SID builders are registered installers of Firestone RubberGard roofs that are put to the ultimate test in the north of Scotland with its sometimes ferocious weather conditions.

Recently SID Buiding Services installed RubberGard on the roof on the buildings at Dunnet Head lighthouse the most northerly point in Scotland. A beautiful tourist place but in winter it sees massive gales, rain, hail storms and frost to test any roof. SID builders have set out to be one of the best in offering roofing solutions and that is why they use Firestone RubberGard. It has long history around the world having been used in severe conditions everywhere. It has remarkable qualities to withstand heat and cold and remain unaffected even by high levels of sunshine. The products is guaranteed for 20 years but there are many examples of the product being in place for more than 40 years and it is expected that 50 years will become more common as time passes.

SID Building Services also installs PVC-U cladding on facias and barge boarding. This modern replacement for traditional wooden boarding comes in white or wood grain. The savings come in not having to paint or apply stain every couple of years and its guaranteed waterproof qualities. The materials used come from another company at the forefront of its production BCE Cellular Extrusions Ltd

SID Building Services is run by two brothers Stewart and Ian Duffy who are qualified tradesmen in their own right now running a growing firm dedicated to ensuring northern homes and buildings are kept watertight. They can cope with pretty well any building requirements from extensions to kitchens.

If you are looking at improving your building or need a roofing or cladding solution to deal with our extreme climate check out SID Building Services in Caithness.


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