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Council Introduces New Taxi Tariffs.

17th August 2006

The Highland Council's TEC Services has approved increased taxi fares following consultation with the trade and public and these will take effect from Monday 18 September. The Council undertook a review of the maximum level of charges for the hire of taxis or private hires cars fitted with taxi meters in accordance with the requirements of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

The new fares are as follows:
Tariff 1 (the normal rate which applies to taxi and private hire cars fitted with a taxi meter): - 2.50 for the first 960 yards, plus 10p for each additional 160 yards or part. This has the general effect of setting the price of a hire at 3 for the first mile, plus 1.10 per mile thereafter;

Tariff 2 (the higher rate that applies on 2 January as well as between midnight and 8am on any day, all day on Sunday and when five or more passengers are being carried at any time of any day or night in a people carrier, by minibus, or by a ~London~ style taxi):- 3 for the first 672 yards and 10p per each additional 112 yards or part. This has the general effect of setting the price of a hire at 4 for the first mile, plus 1.60 thereafter.

Tariff 3 (the special rate applies on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, and when five or more passengers are being carried between midnight and 8 am and all day on Sunday in a people carrier, by a minibus, or a ~London~ style taxi):- 3.60 for the first 516 yards and 10p for each additional 86 yards or part. This has the general effect of setting the price of a hire at 5.10 for the first mile, plus 2.05 per mile thereafter.

In addition, provision has been made for a supplementary booking charge of up to a maximum of 6.50 to compensate for the cost of the outward journey for hires which commence 3 miles or more away from the taxi or taxi base (whichever is the nearer) and the customer wishes to travel further away. This charge may only be demanded if the customer is informed of the amount of the charge at the time of booking.

When a taxi (or a private hire car fitted with a taxi meter) is called but not used, a charge shall be allowed as if it had been occupied from the time it left the stance or garage.

A maximum of 60.00 is payable by an offending passenger, where a vehicle requires to be removed from service for cleaning in order for it to be restored to a usable state and condition.

There are 980 licensed taxi drivers in the Highlands and 565 taxi operator licences. There are also 140 private hire drivers and 111 Private Hire operators.


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