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Employers Make Great Savings In Recruitment In Our Jobs Section

8th October 2013

Employers in Caithness have made great savings in advertising their vacancies since we set up the recruitment section in our forum.

Using our message board jobs section is simple and effective due to the large and growing audience on pages including this business section.

The job ads are seen not just by people using the message boards abut the ads all flow out into our Facebook pages where the numbers continue to grow.

The range of employers using the set up has increased significantly year on year.

For many small employers wanting to ekep their budgets under tight control this is the only place they now advertise as it is FREE to use. Even if you still want to advertise in other places you should still post an ad to get the widest possible coverage at no extra cost.

Ads can stay on for any length of time and if a closing date is included the ad will be removed shortly after. If no closing date is included we usually remove the ad after 3 three to four weeks but you can remove it any time by sending us an email or message on the private messaging system in the forum.

Many employers have told us they get a huge response from the ads and indeed a few are taken off after only two or three days due to the very high response rates.

To place ads al you need to do is join the forum and then you can place ads any time.

To join just complete the registration HERE


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