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28th June 2007


ABSL Power Solutions Ltd (ABSL), a leading UK portable power developer and manufacturer, and UltraCell Corporation, a leading producer of reformed methanol fuel cells (RMFCs) for mobile power applications, today signed a partnership agreement to deliver solutions based on UltraCell's groundbreaking fuel cell system, the XX25(tm), in
the UK and throughout Europe.

Under the terms of the new agreement, ABSL will market the XX25 system in the UK and across Europe. The XX25 offers significant advantages to users who require power for long periods of time and demand dramatic reductions in weight and volume. Used in conjunction with ABSL's soldier power systems, the XX25 can provide a man-portable battery recharging capability that benefits from the high specific energy (reduced weight)
of methanol fuel. Such a system offers users significant performance benefits in a wide range of military and commercial applications and is available today.

ABSL Managing Director, John Cowley said: "Entering into this partnership with UltraCell further enhances the range of power solutions available to our customers, and crucially, expands the runtime which we are able to deliver for our customer's equipment. Alongside our other programmes, our partnership with UltraCell maintains and builds upon our position at the forefront of future portable power technology."

"We look forward to bringing the XX25 to Europe and to building on the momentum we've experienced in the United States," said UltraCell CEO, James Kaschmitter. "Aligning with ABSL - with its combined technical expertise and deep market penetration - will help us deliver our premier fuel cell system to the market and enhance our distribution and service throughout Europe."

ABSL Power Solutions Limited
ABSL Power Solutions Limited (ABSL) designs, develops and manufactures advanced portable power systems for the markets where performance and reliability are critical. ABSL combines intelligent rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with innovative charging solutions and power management hardware and software to create sophisticated power

ABSL provides portable power solutions for a range of defence applications including dismounted soldier systems, tactical communications systems and remote unmanned systems. Applications encompass handheld and manpack radios, rugged portable computers and data terminals, encryption devices, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs),
thermal weapon sights, helmet-mounted/head-up tactical displays, and GPS navigation systems. In non-defence markets, applications include satellites and space launch vehicles, search & rescue equipment, and mobile LCD screens.

ABSL's experience includes work as portable power systems supplier to General Dynamics UK for the UK MoD's Bowman Battlefield Communications system and the Dutch Marines New Integrated Marines Communications and Information System (NIMCIS) programme as well as working with Thales Optronics as power systems provider for the UK MoD's Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) assessment phase.

ABSL employs 150 people across three sites in the UK: headquarters and battery manufacturing takes place in Thurso, Caithness; Charger assembly and product development is located in Glengarnock, Ayrshire; and space batteries and optical equipment are produced Culham, Oxfordshire. ABSL has also recently expanded into the USA where it has two bases. For more information please visit

About UltraCell
UltraCell is a leading producer of fuel cell systems for mobile devices. The company has an exclusive license with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories for micro fuel cell technology, and has developed new technologies and intellectual property in the field of methanol-based fuel cells. For more information, please visit:


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