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New Thurso Hotel and Public Park Plan - Projects 60 jobs, 600,000 Guests and £25m into Local Economy

9th January 2015

Photograph of New Thurso Hotel and Public Park Plan - Projects 60 jobs, 600,000 Guests and £25m into Local Economy

Further to what was reported in the John O' Groat Journal on 9th of January 2015.

My name is Raymond Taylor. I ask for the support of local people to help my hotel, executive lodges and 19 acre public park plan to come to fruition. There is a simple question to answer on the subject. Do the benefits of these projects outweigh the small loss of view from the road which is the only downside?

This site has been chosen for its location, not only because it is the perfect site for the projects identified, but because also as it is as close to the town centre as we can get. This is imperative for both the projects future and the health of the town centre. There are other sites available on Pennyland but those extra 400-500m would make it isolated. This adds a kilometre to anyone walking to town and back. I know from experience Pennyland House B&B is on the very edge of comfort distance for guests walking to the town.

From the plans below or the plan in the press report, please gauge the project height and make up your mind. The path between the site and the caravan park has 5m tall lamp posts along its length. The project will be built, as shown on the plan, down on the front built into the slope. Look at the bottom 5m lamppost and visualise a 7m building.

The buildings and site plan was designed by renowned architects and town planners JTP Edinburgh. They have designed the hotel with a low profile and a flat grass roof. The built development is 5% of the total land area.

The benefits would be: 60 jobs; £1.25m into local economy and 30,000 guests nights per annum; 19 acre multi-purpose public park and path network; parking for visitors passing; lighting and improvements to the path on Victoria Walk; 12 month visitor season; filling a void in the tourism market and finally maximising the potential and amenity of the site.

The only way to register an opinion is on the official Highland Council Main Issues Report website

This Local Plan will be in place for over 20 years and needs to allow Thurso to grow, a plan fit for purpose is required.

When filling out the online comments form, a simple sentence such as: "I support a leisure and tourism allocation on the Main Issues Report (MIR) site TS18 proposed by Mr Taylor" would be suitable. At this stage I am not looking for planning permission only for the land to be allocated for tourism and leisure when the final plan is published. You can also comment in support of the full MIR or on individual projects you think the town will require over the next 20 years, such as housing, forestry, retail, business leisure and more tourism projects. I already have interested parties for all of these development projects.

As mentioned in the press the deadline for public comment is 29th January 2015. Public comment is the only way to persuade Highland Council what you want to see in the final plan.

I will be holding an open day at Caithness Horizons on Tuesday 13th January from 3pm-8pm. All the plans will be on show and I will be there to answer any questions. I would also be delighted to be contacted with any questions you may have by email at mond323[AT]

The Local Plan, when published, will be in place for a generation. I have waited 20 years for the chance, once again, to have a say in what I would like to see come to the town. Please take this opportunity to have yours, whatever that may be.

Hotel Plan

Woodland Map

Raymond Taylor

You can also make comments or debate the issue at -