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Easier Than Ever To Join Hi-Scot Credit Union

2nd January 2018

You can now join Hi-Scot Credit Union on the web site.

Hi-Scot have added a number of new features to their web site recently including joining.

Free life insurance cover for all loans give you and added bonus that other lenders may make you pay for.

Savings in credit unions are all guaranteed by the UK government so they are safe.

HI-Scot has been in existence since 2006, though up until 2010 was under the name of Western Isles Credit Union. The name was changed to HI-Scot to reflect that fact that we'd moved to a position of serving all of the Highlands & Islands, and indeed anyone who lives or works in this area can apply to join us.

Like all credit unions, HI-Scot is run for the benefit of its members only and therefore we have no external shareholders. However, even within the high customer service standards most credit unions achieve, we believe we stand out as exceptional and this is one of the reasons we say that HI-Scot is a Credit Union for YOU. You'll find us friendly, efficient, helpful and decent to deal with, and because credit unions operate purely for the benefit of their members, then, and unlike some other financial institutions such as banks, we don't try to sell you financial products and services you don't necessarily need or possibly can't afford. What we will do is help and advise you in any way we can, and a key aspect of this is ensuring that our members do not take on a level of unmanageable debt.

How often have you thought about joining a credit union and then forgot about it.

Why borrow from the high interest lenders when a credit union offers such low interest rates and free life cover for the loan.

Remember the credit union is run for members and managed by a voluntary group of directs who are all unpaid but have various levels of expertise.

An annual dividend is paid on savings.

Check it out and join at

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