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Jobs Coming To Wick - Video Shows What To Expect

5th January 2018

The Moray Firth is in large part going to be serviced from Wick in Caithness.

Milestones are being reached every month.

Check the video from another set of turbines already in operation to get an idea of what is coming to Wick - Job, Jobs, Jobs.

See video at bottom of the page.

Building Beatrice Milestones

January 2017

The 11th January saw our first significant

milestone of 2017, with the Highland

Council granting consent for the

renovation of two historic Thomas

Telford buildings on Wick's harbour

front. The buildings will become

our long term operational home

and the base for up to 90

employees who will maintain and

operate Beatrice.

We also moved in to our temporary

offices in Wick ahead of work getting

underway on the building renovations

and the remainder of our £15m

investment in the harbour.

February 2017

February saw the beginning of

offshore construction activity with

the arrival and deployment of the

marker buoys which delineate the

offshore construction site itself,

located around 11.5km from the

Caithness coast (at its nearest point).

We also completed the purchase

arrangements for the two Wick

harbour buildings, heralding the start

of their new roles supporting marine

based activities which was their

purpose when built 200 years ago.

March 2017

March saw the delivery of the Direct Pipe thruster

which would help install cable pipes under the

Moray coastline and we launched our new digital

home at

Preparation for the Wick renovation work continued

with the introduction of traffic management in order

to keep everyone safe and disruption to a minimum.

The milestones kept on coming with the delivery of

the 700t offshore Pile Installation Frame (PIF) and

confirmation of the appointment of local Wick

contractors GMR Henderson to complete the initial

‘take down' phase of the building renovation works.

The port of Cromarty Firth secured two significant

contracts and the BiFab fabrication yard at Arnish on

the Isle of Lewis despatched the first of their

foundation piles to the offshore construction site.

April 2017

The first of the BiFab foundation piles were

installed on Sunday 2 April by the Seaway

Heavy Lifting (SHL) vessel Stanislav Yudin.

Offshore pile installation continued throughout

the month alongside onshore construction

activity at Wick and in Moray. Our fabricators

remained focussed on the construction of the

foundation piles (all 344 of them) and the 86

jacket substructures on which the turbines and

two offshore transformer modules would

eventually sit.

Wick welcomed the distinctive Rix Lynx crew

transfer vessel which is based there to support

the Seaway Heavy Lifting construction activity.

We saw April out with a hi-vis clad piper escorting

the last concrete delivery on to our Blackhillock

substation which marked the change of focus

from civil engineering to mechanical and

electrical works

May 2017

As well as marking our first year of construction,

May saw the first complete jacket substructures

and the two offshore transformer modules taking

shape in Rosyth.

And we launched the first round of the Beatrice

Caithness Local Fund which makes £2m available

to help local groups and organisations realise their

own project ambitions.

Buckie harbour played host to a specialist offshore

trenching vessel ahead of deployment to the

nearshore cable route works and we celebrated

the safe installation of 20% of the foundation piles.

Whilst most of the effort was about construction,

in Wick, the take down works continued on our

future home, stripping the buildings to a safe state

ahead of main renovation beginning.

June 2017

We began the month by announcing a total of

£378,000 in the first grant funding from the

Beatrice Partnership Fund.

In Fife, BiFab upended the first of their 26 1,000t

jackets and our contractors successfully

delivered the two transformers to the

Blackhillock substation.

In Newcastle, Northern PowerGrid raised the

height of the network wires spanning the River

Tyne so that the first of the jacket substructures

could make their way on barges from the

manufacturers to the site.

July 2017

The publication of the Beatrice socioeconomic

report took centre stage noting

that the project was expected to add

£1.13bn to the UK GDP, of which around

£530m would be added to the Scottish


And Beatrice is expected to support more

than 18,100 years of full time employment in

the UK with around 5,800 of those in


Construction and manufacturing forged

ahead with our contractors passing the

foundation installation halfway mark (more

than 172 piles installed offshore).

August 2017

The first of the 1,000t jacket

substructures was installed by the

Seaway Heavy Lifting vessel ‘Oleg

Strashnov' marking another

significant milestone for the project.

The jackets are fabricated in Scotland,

England and Europe.

The Hartlepool based Inter-Array

cable manufacturer completed all

140km of subsea cable ready for

installation. The cables will connect

the 84 turbines to the two Offshore

Transformer Modules.

And we passed the 3/4 mark for

safely installed foundation piles.

September 2017

With favourable weather conditions,

September continued to see rapid

offshore construction progress with

72 pile clusters and 18 jackets

installed by mid-month which was

testament to the teamwork of all


Isle of Wight based SeaCat Services

were awarded the contract to provide

two Crew Transfer Vessels to support

the construction activities offshore.

The first vessel, the ‘Intrepid' arrived

in Wick on the 23rd.

And we were proud to be the

principle sponsors of the annual

Caithness Chamber of Commerce


October 2017

As we moved towards the winter

months, the offshore installation tally

reached 80 of 86 foundation pile

clusters and more than a quarter of the

jacket substructures.

The Nexans cable laying vessel, the

‘Skagerrak' began laying the first export

cable (total length of 67km) from the

Moray coastline to the wind farm site.

The two Direct Pipe landfall conduits

were completed ahead of the pull-in of

the offshore length of export cables

enabling connection to the onshore


November 2017

Whilst challenging weather conditions slowed

some progress offshore, it did not delay the

start of Inter-Array Cable installation by the

Siem vessels ‘Stingray' and ‘Aimery'.

Building renovation continued in Wick and

work began on the removal of the disused

slipway at the corner of the harbour which will

become home to our Crew Transfer Vessels.

And we were delighted to announce that the

Beatrice Community Funding had already

granted £650,000 to help local groups and

organisations realise their own project


December 2017

We began the month safely installing the

final pile cluster marking a very significant

milestone in the offshore construction effort.

The first of the jacket substructures left the

BiFab fabrication yard in Fife in readiness for

installation and, at Babcock in Rosyth, the

first of the Offshore Transformer Modules

were loaded onto a transportation barge in

preparation for installation early next year.

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