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Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd - Special Show and Sale - 10 April 2019

10th April 2019

Photograph of Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd - Special Show and Sale - 10 April 2019

DINGWALL, Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd., (April, 10th) sold 743 Aberdeen Angus, native bred and continental store cattle in a special show and sale and 15 OTM cattle.

Aberdeen Angus bullocks (314) averaged 236.6p and sold to 285.7p per kilo for a pen of 357kg Aberdeen Angus crosses from Clatequoy, Thurso and £1,300 gross for a 625kg Aberdeen Angus cross from Ardjachie, Tain

Aberdeen Angus heifers (221) averaged 211.6p and sold to 251.9p per kilo for a pen of 516kg Aberdeen Angus crosses form Ardjachie and £1,300 gross for a pen of 547kg Aberdeen Angus crosses also from Ardjachie, Tain.

Other native bullocks (94) averaged 209.7p and sold to 283.8p per kilo for a 370kg British Shorthorn cross from Lochdhu, Nairn and £1,260 gross for a 770kg Shorthorn cross from 207 Migdale, Bonar Bridge.

Other native heifers (56) averaged 200.1p and sold to 227.6p per kilo and £1,320 gross fora 580kg Shorthorn cross from Balliefurth Farm, Grantown on Spey.

Continental bullocks (23) averaged 222.2p and sold to 256.9p per kilo for a pair of 290kg Limousin crosses from Fisherton Croft, Dallas and £1,110 gross for a 580kg Limousin cross from Little Croy Farm, Croy.

Continental heifers (35) averaged 205.0p and sold to 239.1p per kilo and £1,110 gross for a 460kg Limousin cross from Little Croy Farm.

Breeding cattle (3) sold to £880 gross for a Limousin in calf cow from 5 Drynoch, Carbost.

OTM cattle (15) averaged 128.7p and sold to 200.0p per kilo for a 515kg Limousin cross cow from Easter Strath of Auchterflow, Killen and £1,170 gross for an 870kg Aberdeen Angus cross cow bull from Nottingham Mains, Latheron.

In the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society sponsored show and sale of store cattle judged by John Mackay, Fletcherfield, the overall champion was awarded to a 625kg bullock from Ardjachie, Tain, realising £1,300 gross to the judge. Reserve champion was a 605kg heifer from Mid Fearn Farm, Ardgay realising £1,200 to Firm of A. Reid, Mill of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk

Whilst in the Shorthorn section, sponsored by Ian Maceachern Transport, the champion was awarded to Messrs P & A Harrison, Balliefurth Farm, Grantown on Spey with a 580kg heifer realising £1,320, and the reserve also went to Messrs P & A Harrison for a 565kg bullock, realising £1,220.

Prize list

AA Bullock: 1st Ardjachie, Tain, 625kg, £1,300; 2nd Mid Fearn Farm, 680kg, £1,295.

AA Heifer: 1st Midfearn Farm, 605kg, £1,200; 2nd Middlefield Farm, Forres, 485kg, £1,100.

Pair of AA bullocks or heifers: 1st Mid Fearn Farm, 596kg, £1,270; 2nd Tullochgorum, Boat of Garten, 485kg, £1,170.

Pen of four AA bullocks or heifers: 1st Ardjachie, 618kg, £1,200; 2nd Tullochgorum, 497kg, £1,160.

Shorthorn bullock: 1st Balliefurth Farm, 565kg, £1,220; 2nd Alterwall, Lyth, 590kg, £1,020.

Shorthorn heifer: 1st Balliefurth Farm, 580kg, £1,320; 2nd Balliefurth Farm, 615kg, £1,190.

Pair of shorthorn bullocks or heifers: 1st Balliefurth Farm, 490kg, £1,150; 2nd Balliefurth Farm, 597kg, £1,255.

"All classes sold at keen rates with well grown quality Aberdeen Angus crosses meeting an exceptionally strong demand."

Other leading prices per head and per kg:

Aberdeen Angus bullocks 251-300kg - 7 Scaristavore, Isle of Harris, £655, 256.9p; 301-350kg - Clatequoy, £920, 269.5p; 351-400kg - Ardross Castle, Alness, £1,045, Clatequoy, 274.3p; 401-450kg - Tullochgorum £1,105, 260.7p; 451-500kg – 2 Kingsburgh, Portree, £1,250, 260.4p; 501-550kg – 2 Kingsburgh, £1,250, 240.4p; 551-600kg – Mid Fearn Farm, £1,270, 213.1p; Over 600kg – Mid Fearn Farm, £1,295, Ardjachie, 208.0p.

Aberdeen Angus heifers 251-300kg – Ardross Castle, £635, 213.8p; 301-350kg – Strathglass Farms, Cannich, £700, 218.8p; 351-400kg – Torachilty Farm, Contin, £900, 227.3p; 401-450kg – Mid Fearn Farm, £985, Inkstack, Thurso, 234.2p; 451-500kg – Middlefield, £1,100, 226.8p; 501-550kg – Ardjachie, £1,300, 237.7p; 551-600kg – Middlefield, £1,210, 207.8p; Over 600kg – Middlefield, £1,280, 200.0p.

Other native bullocks Up to 250kg – 5 Strathnaver, Kinbrace, £520, 208.8p; 251- 300kg – Croft Martin, Kingussie, £780, 260.0p; 301-350kg – Comar, Cannich, £820, 235.6p; 351-400kg – Lochdhu, Nairn, £1050, Dell of Killiehuntly, Kingussie, 235.6p; 401-450kg – Alterwall, £980, Dell of Killiehuntly 230.6p; 451-500kg – Balliefurth, £1,150, 234.7p; 501 –550kg – Kirkton Farm, Golspie, £1,200, 224.3p; 551-600kg – Balliefurth, £1,255, 215.9p.

Other native heifers Up to 250kg – 5 Drynoch, Carbost, £480, 216.2p; 251- 300kg – Dell of Killiehuntly, £630, 213.6p; 301-350kg – Hartmount, Scotsburn, £600, 176.5p; 351-400kg – Torachilty Farm, £810, 202.5p; 401-450kg – Braelangwell, Balblair, £960, Greenvale, Dunnett, 219.8p; 451-500kg – Hartmount, £960, 207.3p; Over 500kg – Balliefurth, £1,190, 193.5p

Continental bullocks 251-300kg – Fisherton Croft, £745, 4 Borve, Isle of Harris, 241.4p; 301-350kg – 5 Drynoch, £850, 246.4p; 351-400kg – Croft Martin, £940, 241.0p; 401-450kg – Swordale, Evanton, £940, 221.2p; 501-550kg – Little Croy Farm, £980, 184.9p; Over 600kg – Little Croy Farm, £1,100, 180.3p.

Continental heifers 201-250kg – 1 Kilbride, Broadford, £400, 181.8p; 251-300kg – 4 Borve, £650, Swordale, 221.0p; 301-350kg – Fisherton Croft, £815, 236.2p; 351-400kg – Little Croy, £790, Croft Martin, 208.7p; 401-450kg – Newlands of Clans, Loch Flemington, £880, 213.6p; 451-500kg – Penick Farm, Auldearn, £900, 193.6p.

OTM other leading prices per kg:

OTM cows: Culmaily Farm, Golspie, (LUI), 142.7p; Nottingham Mains, (Lim), 140.9p; Mill Farm, Dornoch, (AA), 137.3p; Nottingham Mains, (AAX), 135.7p.

OTM other leading prices per head:

OTM cows: Culmaily Farm, (LUI), £1,050; Mill Farm, Dornoch, (AA), £1,030; Easter Strath of Auchterflow, (Lim), £1,030; Nottingham Mains, (AAX), £970.


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