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Pentland Housing Association enter into negotiations with Cairn Housing

1st September 2019

Photograph of Pentland Housing Association enter into negotiations with Cairn Housing

Pentland Housing Association has decided to transfer to Cairn Housing Association following a strategic review.

Tenants, staff and board members were all involved in the review which was set up to plan for the future of the Association and how it provides homes and services to tenants and other customers.

Following an open tender exercise where potential partner housing associations were invited to submit proposals, Pentland's board concluded that it is in the best interests of tenants and other customers to transfer to Cairn Housing Association.

The move will combine the strengths of Pentland and Cairn into one organisation.

Pentland said it believes the proposed transfer to Cairn would bring considerable benefits to its tenants, including:

An affordable rent guarantee

Guaranteed investment in tenants' homes

Continued local services from an office in Thurso

The opportunity to become part of a larger organisation, with greater resources and financial security.

Pentland Housing Association tenants and other customers will be invited to a series of consultation events to develop the detail of the proposed transfer. A full transfer of engagements of Pentland's homes and services to Cairn Housing Association will only go ahead if a majority of tenants voting in a formal ballot agree to the proposal, and shareholding members vote in favour of it at a subsequent Special General Meeting.

Jim Hair, chairperson of Pentland Housing Association, said: "Pentland and Cairn have distinct histories and strengths, and both feel that this proposal represents a great opportunity to jointly create added value for tenants. Cairn is an ambitious forward-looking organisation that has a proven track record of investing in homes and modernising services.

"Cairn has a considerable number of homes in Caithness and the wider Highland Region and they share our vision of excellent services to our communities. We look forward to working with our colleagues at Cairn, and with our tenants and staff, over the months ahead as we develop the proposals that will be put to a tenant vote."

Simon Guest, chairperson of Cairn Housing Association, added: "We are delighted that Pentland Housing Association has chosen Cairn as their preferred partner. By working together we can combine our strengths and resources to create a stronger organisation that best serves the needs of tenants and other customers in the Highlands."


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