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Climate Week

7th October 2019

Our climate is facing an emergency. The truth is, we can't go on like this. To stop climate change, we need to change now. Scotland's Climate Week is 7 - 13th October. Together, we can do more to tackle the climate emergency and save our planet. It's time for change.

This is Scotland's Climate Week’s fourth year running.

But since last year the landscape has changed dramatically. The global climate emergency is on our doorstep - it's not just something we can casually work towards. It needs our urgent attention.

We have seen a surge in public interest. Young people in Scotland are taking action, especially in the youth led ‘Fridays for Futures’ movement, passionately advocating for their right to live in a net zero world (where the emissions of greenhouse gases are balanced by removals of those gases, such as carbon being absorbed by forests).

Scotland is proudly leading the fight against climate change and will be net zero for all greenhouse gases by 2045 to minimise the impact of the climate emergency on our society and the environment.


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