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Aberdeen & Northern Marts - Quoybrae Sale 31/10/2011

31st October 2011

Monday 31st October 2011

QUOYBRAE, Aberdeen and Northern Marts (October 31st) sold 145 store and breeding cattle.

Bullocks (65) averaged 181.7p per kg to 234p for two 312kg Charolais from J A C Campbell, Mayfield, Weydale, Thurso and 1,000 gross for a 537kg Simmental from Mrs A Flockhart, Sunray Cottage, Huna, Wick.
Heifers (64) averaged 167.3p to 219p for a 242kg Simmental from C Cook, 27 Brawl, Strathy and 880 gross for two 499kg Limousins from J M Simpson & Co, Freswick Mains, Wick.
Breeding cattle (16) to 1,750 for a Spring Calving Shorthorn cr heifer from D J & M Allan, Durran Mains, Castletown.

Leading prices per head -
Bullocks -
Up to 250kg - Smithy, Haster 550.
251-300kg - Old House, Borrowston 610; Hillside (Bain & Spence) 600; 36 Oldhall 590.
301-350kg - Mayfield 730; Freswick Mains 670; Hillside & Nybster (Budge)665.
351-400kg - 36 Oldhall 850; 27 Brawl 710; 3 Stempster 705.
401-450kg - Barns of Hempriggs (Thain) 780; 36 Oldhall 760; 2 Skelpick 730.
451-500kg - 3 Stempster 730.
501-550kg - Haakon 835; Blackpark 780.
551-600kg - Sunray Cottage 905.
601-650kg - Blackpark 905.

Heifers -
Up to 250kg - 27 Brawl 530.
251-300kg - Ardmore 510; 36 Oldhall & Netherside 500; Myrelandhorn (Miller) 470.
301-350kg - Newfield 700; Steading, Keiss 590; Freswick Mains 585.
351-400kg - Freswick Mains 645; 5 Strathnaver 630; Myrelandhorn (MacKinnon) 610.
401-450kg - Catchery 730; Barns of Hempriggs & Freswick Mains 690; Seaview Farm 630.
501-550kg - Burnside, John O' Groats 760; Freswick Mains 745.

Leading prices per kg -
Bullocks -
Up to 250kg - Smithy Haster 220.9p; Old House 187.8p; 172 Strathenbeg 175.5p.
251-300kg - Old House 228.5p; Hillside 210.8p; 36 Oldhall 207p.
301-350kg - Mayfield 223.9p; Newfield 212.4p; Freswick Mains 202.4p.
351-400kg - 213.6p 36 Oldhall; 27 Brawl 200.6p; 3 Stempster 185.5p.
401-450kg - 36 Oldhall 185.4p; Barns of Hempriggs 177.3p.
451-500kg - 3 Stempster 152.1p.
501-550kg - Sunray Cottage 186.2p; Haakon 161.8p; Blackpark 154.2p.
551-600kg - 158.2p Sunray Cottage.
601-650kg - Blackpark 148.6p.

Heifers -
Up to 250kg - Ardmore 203.2p; 27 Brawl 202.1p.
251-300kg - 36 Oldhall 189.4p; Ardmore 183.6p; Netherside 175.4p.
301-350kg - Newfield 218.1p; Steading 190.3p.
351-400kg - Freswick Mains 183.2p; Roadside, Auckengill 162.2p; 5 Strathnaver 161.1p.
401-450kg - Catchery 169.8p; Freswick Mains 165.5p; Barns of Hempriggs 163.5p.
451-500kg - Freswick Mains 178.1p.
501-550kg - Burnside 146.4p; Freswick Mains 143p.

Breeding cattle: Spring calving heifers - Durran Mains 1,620, 1,600 twice and 1,580
Calving cows - Farmhouse, Borrobol 820 & 780.


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