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The Old Man of Storr Launches New Visitor Information Website

7th March 2023

Photograph of The Old Man of Storr Launches New Visitor Information Website

The Storr visitor attraction on Skye has launched its dedicated and branded website, providing information that aims to enhance the visitor experience.

The Old Man of Storr project is "for the community, in the community, by the community" working closely with communities and with continual local Member involvement, to celebrate Gaelic and to demonstrate engagement and partnership working.

The Old Man of Storr site, branded ‘The Storr', is run by The Highland Council in collaboration with partners from the Skye Iconic Sites Project.

The Old Man of Storr is an iconic and internationally acclaimed visitor attraction, with annual visitors reaching approx. 200,000 per year. On a clear day, the landmark can be seen from miles around and is a renowned symbol of Scotland. Created by an ancient landslip, the rock face and pinnacles were formed millions of years ago. Legend varies around the ‘Old Man', with some locals believing that the pinnacle is the thumb of a giant who is now buried underground, whilst others declare that the face of an old man can be seen in the rock face.

Creating a new website and social media platform is part of a wider transformation project at the popular Skye site and offers visitors the opportunity to get to know 'The Storr' ahead of their visit. The website includes information on the history of the Old Man of Storr, maps of the paths, details of onsite facilities including parking and toilets, and directions on how to travel to the Storr.

Progress includes the appointment of 2 full time equivalent posts for improved visitor experience and site management, the installation of welfare facilities for the on-site staff, and a successful funding application of £440k for the installation of a retail unit (awaiting planning permission approval) and EV chargers on site.

The focus on Community Wealth Building is strong, as the community will benefit from economic development both directly and indirectly. The retail unit plans to showcase local suppliers by selling products made in Skye and to create employment opportunities, both in the shop and with contractors and suppliers.

Building on improvements made to parking, path networks, toilet and motorhome facilities, this next phase of the development, takes The Storr a step closer to becoming self-sustaining.

Isle of Skye and Raasay Area Committee Chair, Cllr John Finlayson said: "The launch of The Storr visitor information website is another progressive step, to ensure the Storr is further recognised alongside other world-renowned tourist attractions. Offering a digital and social media platform, dedicated to The Storr will enable us to showcase our unique heritage, whilst offering opportunity for local businesses, that could support economic growth in the area.

"Developing place-based projects like The Storr not only opens opportunity for income generation but importantly will support the overall management of the Storr site to ensure it has a sustainable future. These further improvements deliver against the strategic aspirations and objectives set out in the place-based investment framework for the area known as Skye & Raasay Future (SARF). Similarly, the ongoing development of the Storr is an excellent example of how projects can align themselves with the key Council aims in the Future Highlands - Health and Prosperity Strategic Partnership Plan."

The Old Man of Storr translates to ‘Bodach an Stòir' in Gaelic. Gaelic language is a rich part of the local culture, and the website, which will be fully translated to Gaelic in time, has included Gaelic headings to allow visitors to take away key Gaelic words and the meaning behind them.

Gaelic Committee Chair and local Member, Cllr Calum Munro said: "The launch of the website marks another significant milestone for The Storr transformation project. It demonstrates community led innovation whilst being considerate of the environment, unique heritage and our Gaelic culture whilst actively supporting the local circular economy. Members are delighted to see the project accelerate and the new branding and website now live."

The new Storr website can be accessed at and on Instagram @the.storr which offers people a platform to share photos and digital clips of their Storr experience.

The new brand and website have been designed in collaboration with Baxter + Company, a creative studio based in the North of Scotland.


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