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Dounreay to become UK's first nuclear heritage projectThumbnail for article : Dounreay to become UK's first nuclear heritage project
Within a few years, much of the experimental nuclear site at Dounreay will disappear from the landscape.   Many of the facilities that have dominated the skyline of Scotland's north coast for the past 50 years will be razed to the ground.  
Fast breeder was Britain's 'man on the moon moment'Thumbnail for article : Fast breeder was Britain's 'man on the moon moment'
It was Britain's man-on-the-moon moment, when a decade of scientific and engineering breakthroughs culminated in the most advanced nuclear plant in the world.   A workforce of 3000 had laboured around the clock for four years to build the experimental plant that would pave the way for electricity "too cheap to meter".  
Chamber Slams Crown Estate Delay On Seabed Leases
Commenting upon reports by Reuters last week that the Crown Estate will announce seabed leases for the Pentland Firth development in February 2010, Trudy Morris, Chief Executive of Caithness Chamber of Commerce said: "We are extremely concerned by this delay.  We were told back in August that conclusion of seabed leases would happen in the autumn.  
New Area Commander Returns To CaithnessThumbnail for article : New Area Commander Returns To Caithness
Third time's a charm for Chief Inspector Matthew Reiss as he returns to Caithness, Sutherland and East Ross as Area Commander They say third time's a charm and that's certainly true for Chief Inspector Matthew Reiss as he returns to his favourite area of the Force next month.   The newly promoted Chief Inspector takes over the role of Area Commander for Caithness, Sutherland and East Ross on November 2 following the recent departure of his predecessor Chief Inspector Andy Brown.  
Camera Team To Probe Underground Waste
A decommissioning team is getting ready to look inside an underground bunker where intermediate-level radioactive waste has lain submerged in water for almost 40 years.   Two remotely-operated cameras will penetrate the concrete-lined vault in preparation for work starting to clean out its hazardous contents.  
Dounreay Is Platform For Scots Clean-up Expertise
Scottish companies are marketing their expertise in nuclear decommissioning to delegates from seven countries that are in Scotland to learn how the country is dismantling its nuclear heritage.   The visit is being seen as an opportunity for companies in Scotland to gain a bigger share of a global market worth hundreds of billions over the next few decades.  
Radio Active Particles Found On Farm Land Near Dounreay
Two small areas of radioactive contamination have been detected during a survey of grazing land adjacent to the former nuclear research site at Dounreay.   They were excavated and removed to the site for analysis.  
Over One Hundred Nuclear Fuel Particles Removed
More than a hundred fragments of spent nuclear fuel were removed from the seabed in the latest phase of work to clean up and shut down the former nuclear research site at Dounreay.   The particles were detected and retrieved by a remotely-operated vehicle that systematically scanned an area of seabed equivalent in size to more than 10 football pitches.  
Massive Metal Tank Removed At DounreayThumbnail for article : Massive Metal Tank Removed At Dounreay
This is the latest challenge Dounreay's Prototype Fast Reactor decommissioning team have had to conquer.   Once an integral part of the heat transfer system, the first of the four colossal metal tanks was safely removed from the redundant plant last week.  
500th Request For Business Assistance
The Business information and advice service for the Highland and Moray Councils which is delivered by The Highland Council's Enterprise Trust, Highland Opportunity Limited, has just reached its first major milestone today with at total of 500 requests for advice and assistance having been received since the service started on 1st April.   Enquiries to Business Gateway have come via the national website and the national telephone number 0845 609 6611 and 30% of enquiries have come from people visiting the walk-in shops in Inverness and Elgin where business advisers are on hand to answer queries and provide information.  
MONDAY 15 JUNE 2009 CAITHNESS HORIZONS, THURSO 7.30am - 9.30am Presentation by Andy Kennedy Stirling City Centre Manager & Chair of Scotland's Association of Town Centre Management ATCM is Europe`s largest membership organisation dedicated to helping town and city centres realise their natural roles both as prosperous locations for business and investment, and as focal points for vibrant, inclusive communities.   Come along & hear how other town centres in Scotland have realised their potential.  
Eight-ton Fans Will Drive Fuel Plants Clean-upThumbnail for article : Eight-ton Fans Will Drive Fuel Plants Clean-up
Like a giant Meccano set, some 1500 parts are being fitted together to create a new ventilation system that will protect workers decommissioning some of Dounreay's most hazardous facilities.   The network of fans, electrical infrastructure, supports, ducts, chambers and stacks will vent the airflow during the next stages of cleaning out and dismantling the key plants that made up the Fuel Cycle Area.  
Dounreay Gains Planning Permission For Two Big Construction ProjectsThumbnail for article : Dounreay Gains Planning Permission For Two Big Construction Projects
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has received planning consent for two of the biggest construction projects needed to complete the site clean-up.   The new facilities will look after low and intermediate-level radioactive waste from the remainder of the site closure programme.  
Banks Agree To Help Caithness Companies With New Government Initiaitives
Highland based banks agree to help Caithness companies benefit from new Government funding initiatives Representatives from the main Banks operating in the Caithness area have agreed to share their understanding of the new government initiatives with local businesses at a specially convened event at the Weigh Inn Hotel, Thurso on 8th May from 1pm.   Businesses have been suffering from the effects of recession and the 'credit crunch' making life more difficult for those seeking to grow or simply survive.  
Caithness Chamber Of Commerce Means Business
Networking Lunches - Open To Members and Non-Members Small Business Finance Seminar Led By John Thurso MP Friday 8th May - The Weigh Inn, Thurso at 1pm - buffet lunch included The Chamber is hosting a Small Business Finance Seminar led by John Thurso MP.  The event will give businesses vital information on what is available and where to source it.  
Orbital Welder For Dounreay Tested In New Facility At BowerThumbnail for article : Orbital Welder For Dounreay Tested In New Facility At Bower
Dropping a large three metre stainless steel container from a great height might seem like a bizarre concept, but it's all in a days work for the PFR project team.   Storage of the spent fuel from the former fast reactor needs to be safeguarded from all potentially hazardous conditions.  
Budget Comment From Caithness Chamber Of Commerce
Commenting on the Chancellor's Budget statement, Trudy Morris Chief Executive of Caithness Chamber of Commerce, said: "Businesses had a need to see some positive news out of the Budget and we are fairly encouraged by some of the measures announced.   The Chancellor appears to have taken notice of some of the recommendations put forward by both the British and Scottish Chambers of Commerce.  
Safety Record Earns Charity WindfallThumbnail for article : Safety Record Earns Charity Windfall
Dounreay's industrial safety record during the last 12 months earned a 22,500 windfall for good causes locally.   Every month the site goes without a lost-time accident earns a 2500 pay-out from UKAEA Ltd, parent company of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.  
Liquid Metal Fire Tenders Phased Out At DounreayThumbnail for article : Liquid Metal Fire Tenders Phased Out At Dounreay
The destruction of the liquid metal coolant in Dounreay's experimental fast reactors means that the site can say farewell to two of its firefighters, the graphex tenders.   Specially built for Dounreay, the two graphex tenders are the only ones in the world.  
Mr Muscle Helps Dounreay Clean-upThumbnail for article : Mr Muscle Helps Dounreay Clean-up
Another legacy of Dounreay's commercial venture into nuclear reprocessing has been safely cleaned up and taken apart.   A household proprietry cleaner "Mr Muscle" was found to be the most effective way of removing glue and fake snow use in the clean-up process.