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Consumers unable to name staple home grown foods

7th June 2015

One in three people don't know we grow potatoes or apples in Britain
Four in ten people don't realise we grow oats
Findings come ahead of the agriculture industry's annual open day - Open Farm Sunday (7 June 2015)

Despite British farmers producing 60% of the food we eat in this country, many consumers are unsure of what we actually grow in Britain according to a new survey released today, with many unaware we grow staple foods like potatoes, apples and oats.

The survey, commissioned by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) ahead of this weekend's Open Farm Sunday revealed that one in three (33 per cent) people do not know that we grow apples, which have been farmed in this country since Roman times. Chips, roast potatoes and porridge may be some of the nation's favourite foods but it appears many consumers do not realise it is British farmers they have to thank. One in three adults do not realise we grow potatoes, while more than four in ten (42 percent) claim we don’t grow oats.
Other fresh produce which consumers were unaware British farmers grew included fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs.
Only one in 10 (9 per cent) people were aware that we grow cherries in Britain, when in fact they were introduced to farmers by Henry VIII
Four in ten consumers (41 per cent) don’t realise we grow broccoli
One in three (36 per cent) don’t know that tomatoes are grown here, when in fact Britain has been producing them since 1590, and four in ten people were unaware we grow lettuce or cucumber (both 39 per cent)
More than one in three (36 per cent) do not know we grow coriander and nearly one in four (23 per cent) are unaware oregano is grown in this country too
Modern farming means that we now grow and produce a huge diversity of foods - but the public also appears unaware of the more recent additions to British agriculture. Only a few people recognise that we now commercially grow or produce tea (17 per cent), lime leaves (9 per cent) or buffalo mozzarella (10 per cent).

On Sunday 7th June nearly 400 farms of all types and sizes will be opening their gates for visitors to celebrate British farming and food. Annabel Shackleton, LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday manager said: "British farming is a diverse and innovative industry with new crops being introduced each year, so it is understandable consumers don’t realise everything our farmers grow. What is alarming though is the number of adults who don’t even realise that they are eating British produce when they’re tucking into their morning bowl of porridge or their Sunday roast. The agricultural industry is worth billions to the British economy, so it is important that we know what home grown produce to look out for when we go shopping. Talking to a farmer is a great way to discover more about how your food is produced, so we’d encourage as many people as possible to visit their local farm on 7 June for Open Farm Sunday."

LEAF, the leading organisation delivering more sustainable farming and food has run Open Farm Sunday since it began in 2006. Open Farm Sunday is the agricultural industry’s open day and more than 1.25 million visitors have attended an event since it launched. Visitors can find their local farm to visit at

Clyth Mains (Hen Sheds) KW3 6AX Scotland
Clyth Mains, Lybster,
Email: clythmains[AT]
Telephone: 01593721238
Time of event: 12 to 4pm
Day of event: Sunday 7th June 2015

All proceeds going to our charity of the year which is SCBU Raigmore. We have the following organised so far and sure you will agree its a fun day out for all the family:
* Egg Hunt - £3 per child (please could you comment below or drop us a mail to book in so we know how many children to expect)
* Raffle and Bottle Stall (any donations gratefully received)
* Teas and Coffees
* Bouncy Castle (kindly donated by Wick Youth Club)
* Bucking Bronco
* Face Painting
* Animal Petting Area
* Visit our Hen Sheds
* Egg Grading Demonstration and Pack your own Eggs
* Egg Decorating
* FARM THEME Decorated Egg Competition - all we ask is you to bring your decorated Egg with you or you can decorate on the day, display them at the Fun Day and we will have someone judge them and you can then take them home - eggs need to be displayed before 1.30pm for judging at 2pm
* Tractor Rides
* Birds of Prey
* Balloon Modeller
* Clip Clop Party
* Colin and his Husky Dogs on the sleigh
We also have some local stalls coming to support us and selling some of their fabby products:
* Colin Campbell Photography
* Mary Saint
* Kveldsro Crafts
* K.G Events
* Clyths Cracking Eggs
* Caithness Chocolate
* eejits
* Vicky Farmer Tarot Card Reading
* Craf-T

We also have Robert's Burger Van and Ice Cream Van there too!
Still waiting for a few bits to be confirmed so will add on :)
Please share with all your friends and family its going to be a "eggs-cellent" day for all ages :)

Farm description:
Clyth Mains is a 750 acre farm breeding cattle and sheep as well as Poultry Sheds producing our "Cracking Eggs"

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