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Covid-19 Testing For HGV Drivers Using The Port Of Dover Or Eurotunnel - Latest

6th January 2021

Photograph of Covid-19 Testing For HGV Drivers Using The Port Of Dover Or Eurotunnel - Latest

How HGV drivers get their COVID-19 test before leaving the UK for France.

Kent travel update for HGVs carrying dangerous goods, 5 January 2021.

Drivers of HGVs carrying certain types of dangerous goods must get tested for COVID-19 before arriving in Kent.

The terms of use at Manston Airport and Ashford Sevington prohibit the following loads:


polymerizing substances

infectious substances

radioactive substances

goods that are high consequence from a terrorism point of view

Drivers of HGVs carrying any of these goods will be refused access to these sites and must get tested for COVID-19 at alternative sites before arriving in Kent.

If you are not sure whether your load falls into one of these categories of dangerous goods, confirm with your company or consignor before departing from the depot.

Testing is available at various information and advice sites across the UK. Check whether the motorway service station or truck stop you plan to visit has any restrictions for certain dangerous goods before you travel.

Some companies are also providing private testing for their drivers; check with your company if this is being offered.

Kent travel update, 4 January 2021

Thanks to the support of the army, the backlog of HGVs in Kent has been cleared and hauliers making their way to Dover and the Eurotunnel continue to be tested swiftly and safely.

Drivers should check @KentHighways and Highways England for the latest traffic updates before travelling to Kent.

COVID testing

HGVs leaving England for France can only cross the Channel with evidence of an authorised negative COVID test, that has been conducted within the 72-hour period before their departure.

This is mandated by the UK and French governments.

We strongly urge HGV drivers heading to the Port of Dover to ensure they have a negative COVID test before travelling to Kent.

Free COVID-19 tests for drivers of HGVs, LGVs and vans are available at some haulier information and advice sites. Testing will be available at more sites soon.

Find the nearest haulier advice site offering Covid testing.

HGV drivers using Dover and Eurotunnel will get fast-tracked past queues if they get tested, and have a valid Kent Access Permit, before arriving in Kent.

COVID testing facilities are still available at Manston Airport (Postcode CT12 5FF) for HGV drivers heading to Port of Dover.

Eurotunnel traffic must continue to go via the M20, where HGV drivers without a negative test result or a valid Kent Access Permit will be directed to Ashford Sevington.

Significant queues for tests in these locations are likely. All drivers heading for France are urged to obtain tests before arriving in Kent and travelling to ports.

COVID testing is not available at any medical facility in the Kent area. If you visit a medical facility you will be turned away.

You must not leave your vehicle to try and be tested at another site.

Once tested, it will take 40 minutes to get a result.

If your result is negative, you will be directed to your departure point.

If your result is positive, further information will be provided on site and support will be available.

We are doing everything we can as quickly as possible to help you continue on your journey. Thank you for your patience.

Kent Access Permits

HGV drivers must have correct documentation, including Kent Access Permits, before arriving in Kent to ensure they can cross the Channel.