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Scottish Child Payment - Check If You Can Claim

12th January 2021

Scottish Child Payment helps towards the costs of supporting your family. It's a weekly payment of £10 that you can get for every child you look after who's under 6 years of age. You'll get the payment every 4 weeks if your application is successful.

It's up to you what you choose to spend the money on. You could use Scottish Child Payment for things like:

travel costs

nappies and other essentials


family days out

Scottish Child Payment does not affect any other UK or Scottish Government benefits that you, or any person in your household, currently get. If you want to know how Scottish Child Payment might affect local council allowances or grants, such as the Scottish Welfare Fund, you can contact your local council.

Only one person can get Scottish Child Payment for a child. This means, if two people apply for the same child, Social Security Scotland have a process of deciding who gets the payment. This is called a double claim. The process depends on the benefits that you and the other person are getting.

Who should apply

You may be able to get Scottish Child Payment if all of the following apply:

you live in Scotland

you or your partner are getting certain benefits or payments

you or your partner are the main person looking after a child who's under 6 years old

The main person looking after your child (if any) might want to complete the application form, or use their bank details for payment.

Benefits or payment you or your partner must get

You can apply whether you're in work or not, as long as you're getting one or more of the following benefits:

Universal Credit

Child Tax Credit

Income Support

Pension Credit

Working Tax Credit

income-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)

income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

If you're not getting any of these benefits or payments, but have applied for one, you can still apply for Scottish Child Payment.

You might get one of these benefits or payments, but have a sanction or deduction on your claim. This is when you get a cut in your benefits because you did not meet certain conditions or pay money you owe. If so, you can still apply, as this will not affect our decision on your application.

You need to send us some information with your application that shows us details of the sanction or deduction. This can be a copy of any of these:

a Universal Credit statement

a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit award letter

a Tax Credit award letter

More information and to make a claim HERE