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Construction Materials Shortage Continues Amid Price Rises

1st June 2021

Photograph of  Construction Materials Shortage Continues Amid Price Rises

Construction materials are undergoing big price rises and in some case shortages of supplies. A combination of excess demand for housing combined with the pandemic have resulted higher labour cost partly due to construction workers from Europe returning to their native countries.

Jewson Building Supplies have notified customers -
Given the current market conditions we know how important it is that you are provided with notice of any significant price
changes. We are therefore advising you of some price increases on products that you have purchased previously.

Product Category Price Increase Live Date
Imported Carcassing +5% 1st June 2021
CLS +10% 1st June 2021
BS Batten +10% 1st June 2021
Type A Batten +10% 1st June 2021
Machined Timber +10% 1st June 2021
Decking +10% 1st June 2021
Casings & Linings +10% 1st June 2021

Please note, the above increases do not apply to all products within the categories and only highlight the most
relevant price increases.

Why we're raising our prices. Unfortunately, the market is still being affected by an increase in global demand for Timber and Panel products. The demand has largely been driven by the very strong US housebuilding programme mixed with the growth of emerging Asian markets. As a result of this increase in demand, the UK market is being forced to pay higher prices for the smaller volume that is available.

To keep up to date with any other price increases and product availability, please visit our dedicated supplier updates page

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