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Making Scotland's Future - A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing: June 2021 - Final

4th June 2021

Photograph of Making Scotland's Future - A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing: June 2021 - Final

Final version of "Making Scotland's future - a recovery plan for manufacturing" following the 10-week consultation of a draft plan published in Dec 2020. This details a revised set of actions, established by industry, public sector, trade union and academia, to be taken forward by the end of 2021.

Published: 3 Jun 2021
Making Scotland's future - a recovery plan for manufacturing: June 2021 - final
As Scotland begins to make its way out of the Covid-19 pandemic and looks to rebuild and grow, a successful, vibrant, diverse manufacturing sector has never been more critical to long-term recovery and success.

Now as the economy begins to recover and grow, we collectively need to ensure that the sector is ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise as supply chains are rebuilt and international trade opens up again, in both established and new markets. This is particularly important as manufacturing supports over half of Scotland's international exports.

Following the consultation exercise launched on 4 December 2020, the consultation analysis was subsequently published on 24 March 2021. The results of that consultation have been considered with a number of activities taken forward in response.

Making Scotland's Future: A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing has been developed by sub-groups focusing on four priority areas.

Collaboration and networks - promoting collaboration across the sector in Scotland and beyond to maximise sales, particularly exports, and building networks to support the sharing of knowledge, ideas, capability and best practice.

Supply chains and competitiveness - supporting businesses of all sizes to develop stronger and new supply chains and to access new opportunities.

Adaptation and transformation - identifying transformative solutions that enable the sector to be more resilient, productive, digitally enabled, sustainable and competitive, and to become truly world-class.

Skills and workforce - in line with Fair Work and Just Transition principles, enhancing workforce development to respond to the emergence of new technologies, whilst safeguarding and creating high-quality, green jobs.

The sub-groups have brought together expertise from the public and private sectors and identified actions to be taken forward by the end of 2021.

The revised suite of actions focuses on identifying opportunities for both recovery and growth, and complements the range of business support measures that has already been made available to help the Scottish sector.

Scotland has always been a nation of creators and makers. Now, by harnessing our collective talent, expertise and pioneering spirit, we can once again stand tall as a country known for inventing, designing, developing and building world-leading products and technologies.

Any further comments on the contents of the Manufacturing Recovery Plan or these supporting documents are welcomed and should be sent via email to

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