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Official Data Reveals Industry with The Least Loyal Employees

14th September 2021

Photograph of Official Data Reveals Industry with The Least Loyal Employees

According to the Office for National Statistics, 90.9% of Brits remain in the same job each year. With alternative career paths so readily available to us, wanted to find out how many people are staying loyal to their industry, and how many are leaving for a new line of work.

By using data collected from the Office for National Statistics on the percentage of employees within each industry who have left after two years, they can now reveal which industry has the least loyal employees.

Extraterritorial organisations (i.e. UN representative, political affairs officer) have the least loyal employees, with a whopping 45.9% of employees leaving for another field. Given the number of varied roles employed in this industry and considerable transferable skills offered, it is no surprise that almost half of the workforce chooses to leave to pursue a career in an alternate field.

Next, in joint second place with 28.8% of employees leaving for another industry is mining and quarrying alongside other service activities. The relatively lower pay these sectors offer makes it understandable that employees are looking to leave.

In a close third with a turnover percentage of 28.2% is electricity, gas, and air conditioning supply. As an industry with a short career ladder and few opportunities to progress, it is most likely that employees leave for another industry in order to advance.

Employees in arts, entertainment, and recreations come in fourth, with 25.9% of its workforce leaving for another sector. Given the incredible competitiveness of this industry, the high turnover rate is explained. As the industry recovers from the pandemic's effects, will its loyalty experience another boom?

Rounding out the top five is the industry of admin and support services with 25.2% of employees seeking a new field. Given the wealth of transferrable skills this industry offers, moving on to another field is an option for many.

Education is the most loyal industry
Coming in first with the most loyal workforce is the education industry (i.e. teachers, lecturers). With only 7.2% of employees leaving the field for another, it appears that those who signed up to shape the education of children across the country are dedicated to see it through.

In second, with only 10.1% of employees leaving the industry, is health and social work. The unique combination of patient care and providing medical services has employees dedicated to this industry - even through the COVID-19 pandemic.