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FTA Scottish Freight Council Welcomes Commitment To New Forth Crossing
FTA SCOTTISH FREIGHT COUNCIL At the January meeting of the Freight Transport Association's Scottish Freight Council, Ian Fleming of CJ Lang Ltd, Dundee, was elected to serve a further year as chairman.   Members discussed the recent publication of the Scottish National Transport Strategy and the Freight Action Plan.  
HIE Invites Public To Consult On Potential Environmental Impacts Of Draft Operating Plan
There are still two weeks left for the public to respond to a consultation by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) on its draft operating plan and associated environmental report.   Under the provisions of Regulation 16 of the Environmental Assessment of Plans & Programmes (Scotland) Regulations 2004, HIE has its first strategic environmental assessment to gauge the potential significant effects its draft operating plan may have on the environment.  
Construction Commences At Forss Wind Farm Extension
Civil engineering work has begun to add another four turbines to the existing two-turbine Forss wind farm near Thurso in Caithness, the project owner Renewable Energy Systems Group (RES)1 announced today.  The 5.2MW project is expected to be fully commissioned and delivering green power for the Caithness area by the summer of 2007 RES has developed the project with landowner and co-renewable energy developer Abbey Properties Cambridgeshire Ltd and was responsible for the development of the original two turbine project, which started generating in 2003.  
Public Invited To Exhibitions About ParticlesThumbnail for article : Public Invited To Exhibitions About Particles
Exhibitions about radioactive particles in the marine environment near Dounreay will open in Caithness next week.   The exhibitions will provide an update of information on the work carried out to date and provide information on a short list of eleven clean-up options identified.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 18
FOUR YEARS ACCIDENT-FREE FOR REACTOR DECOMMISSIONING TEAM Safety has become a way of life in dismantling the Dounreay Fast Reactor.  Four years without a lost time accident is no mean feat in any industry, but this achievement has been all the sweeter with the knowledge of the enormous range of work undertaken at DFR and the mix of people employed.  
Drivers' Hours Rules - Free Briefings For FTA Members
During January the Freight Transport Association will be running a series of ten free member briefings at venues across the UK on the new drivers' hours rules, together with a wider legal update on new transport regulations for 2007.   New EU drivers' hours rules will take effect from 11 April 2007 and FTA is already experiencing an upsurge in calls from operators concerned to put in place the measures needed to properly comply with the changes.  
USDAW Backs Crackdown on Rogue Employers Who Fail to Pay Minimum Wage
Retail union Usdaw is backing a government crackdown on the minority of rogue employers who ruthlessly exploit their staff by failing to pay the national minimum wage.   Millions of retail workers benefited from higher wages when the minimum wage was introduced by this government and Usdaw backs plans to fine bad employers 200 for each worker who doesn't get the minimum rate of 5.35 an hour for adult workers.  
Home Clutter - Is 2007 Time To Do Something about It?Thumbnail for article : Home Clutter - Is 2007 Time To Do Something about It?
Britain is a nation of hoarders.  The average person accumulates more than a TON of unwanted stuff - crammed in attics, wardrobes and under beds, according to new research.  
Caithness And Sutherland Enterprise - Approvals List - November 2006
The following are funds approved up to the last day of the month.   Please note that the sums relate to approvals, not payments.  
New Apprenticeship For Local Food Growers - A Great Opportunity
Highlands and Islands Local Food Network (HILFN) is to set up a food apprenticeship to train a new generation of food growers in the area - the first course of its kind in Scotland.   More and more consumers in the Highlands and Islands are choosing to eat healthily and shop locally which is leading to a shortage of locally grown fruit and vegetables in many parts of the north.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 17
NONE IN A MILLION - DOUNREAY REACHES SAFETY MILESTONE Dounreay has clocked up a million man-hours without a lost time accident.   With more construction and demolition work taking place than ever before, this is an excellent achievement.  
Enter British Small Business Champions 2007Thumbnail for article : Enter British Small Business Champions 2007
On the entry form for British Small Business Champions (BSBC) 2007 businesses are asked to suggest the ideal prize that would benefit them.  The winning business will be given 10,000 to spend as specified.  
Before you Spend, Spend, Spend this Christmas - Know Your Shopping Rights
With only two weeks before Christmas Day, The Highland Council's Trading Standards Service is advising shoppers during this busy time to be aware of their consumer rights.   Head of Trading Standards, Nigel MacKenzie said: "Some shoppers have taken the option to shop on-line this Christmas in order to beat the car park queues and crowds thronging around the busy towns throughout the Highlands.  
Hothouse Youth Challenge 2007Thumbnail for article : Hothouse Youth Challenge 2007
The search continues to find the Highlands and Islands' answer to Richard Branson as the ICT Hothouse Youth Challenge 2007 enters its final month for entries.   The challenge is looking for young entrepreneurs with bright ideas to submit their ideas for information technology and communications of the future.  
Only Santa Should Be In The Red This Christmas
Christmas could break the bank for the more than 6.6 million people already behind on payments, the Legal Services Commission (LSC) warned today launching its Christmas debt awareness campaign.  The campaign asks shoppers to think of the debt they may be racking up ahead of January when the bills arrive.  
Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 16Thumbnail for article : Dounreay Bulletin - Issue 16
PLUG REINFORCED TO ENABLE SHAFT TO BE DECOMMISSIONED The second stage of the Shaft Isolation Project is complete and has achieved its objective.   A section of the liquid effluent discharge tunnel which passes close to the base of the shaft was required to be in-filled with grout in advance of the installation of the main shaft isolation barrier.  
Scottish Business Can Benefit From Fusion Of Science And Industry
A new 10 billion international project to harness fusion energy can offer major opportunities for Scottish companies.  That will be the message to a delegation from the Scottish Executive when they visit the headquarters of the UK's fusion research programme on Monday 11th December.  
Warning Signs Removed From Sandside Beach As Perceived Particles Threat Lessened
The third report of the Dounreay Particles Advisory Group states that the possibility of coming into direct contact with a particle at Sandside is extremely small and would not cause any discernable health effect.   As a result existing signs, which were erected by the estate, were removed at the weekend by the estate of its own choice.  
Dounreay Reactor Core Drilling Success
Yet another pioneering invention has successfully allowed the crucial next phase of decommissioning Dounreay's Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) to begin.  The innovative purpose built device, which resembles an extremely long flexible drill, enables pockets of liquid metal to be drained from deep inside the redundant reactor.  
Business Crime Increases By 15% In Third Quarter
AXA Business Crime Index reports second consecutive quarterly increase in business crime Birmingham tops the city business crime table The average claim settlement amount is 3,524 Over 50% of business crimes relate to theft, while arson claims highest payouts AXA warns businesses to be vigilant over the Christmas period The latest findings from the AXA Business Crime Index* reveal a 15% increase in crime related insurance claims by businesses between July and September, compared to the second quarter of this year.   The last six months have seen a consistent rise in the number of business crime claims experienced by the insurer.